Notre Dame Box Offense Play – Box Single Wing 44 FB Crash

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After reading my old playbook I found a few Notre Dame Box Offense Plays; Box Single Wing 44 FB Crash Play and a youth football pass play. Sometimes I surprise myself when writing about my older youth football playbooks from 2005 to 2009 when I coached youth football in Colorado. Now I know how and why I evolved into certain formations because I was working with similar formations and plays earlier in my coaching career.

Notre Dame Box Offense Play

Notre Dame Box Offense Plays
Notre Dame Box Offense Play Formation

Today’s free youth football play is one of those happy finds from a 2007 playbook for the Aravda Pirates outside of Denver, Colorado in the AYFA league. part of the JYFA. At the time, we were toying with Cisar’s UBSW and finding we needed to adjust it at times. And this Crash tag came out of that experimentation. Which I call Crash today Cake, Box or FAT formation in my youth football playbooks.

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At the time we developed this play we had two great youth fullbacks so we wanted them both on the field. We also had a pretty good offensive line, so this play was a great short yardage play with all the power lead blocking. In the end we finally decided to run this out of Cake formation for plays outside the OG. The Box or Crash tag for Cake was good for Gut plays from the Notre Dame Box Offense formation.

Notre Dame Box Offense Pass Play

I could not find a Spade Crash run play from 2007 or 2008 in the old film that I cut up and saved. At the time I was saving space and only saved big plays like extra points and TDs. Here is a pass play from Spade Crash Single Wing or the Notre Dame Box Offense formation. Here are some older football formations / single wing formations including the Box formation.

The Cake / Box / FAT formation is on both my main youth football playbooks; Power Wing Beast Offense and the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense. The Cake formation in the Wildcat playbook is more Single Wing Spread formation.

Please check out all the free youth football plays that I have been posting in 2021. I have set a goal to try to post 3 free plays a week for 2021. See more free youth football plays that work here along with todays Notre Dame Box Offense Play.

Stay tuned as I bring more free youth football plays to the community. I started the free play series since a few online said I was just trying to sell playbooks. Well for about 10 years I gave away all of my info and some wanted the playbooks packaged and organized.

So, I started selling organized playbooks too. Much of the base play and formation info I sell can be obtained my WebsiteTwitterFacebook and Youtube site. Enjoy the youth football coaching tips and plays!!! Let me know how I can help you become a better youth football coach.

You can also find more of my free youth football plays that I posted on my Pinterest free football plays board. I tried to post all the plays at

Do you run this Notre Dame Box Offense youth football play from the Cake / FAT or single wing formation similar formation and play please let me know. Did I choose one of your favorite plays? If not let me know what free play you would like to see next in my youth football free play series at

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football, Notre Dame Box Offense Plays other youth football formations and plays, especially in old football formations.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
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PS: Stay Safe and remember we are all on the same team in the end. Be Nice.

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