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T Formation Variations; 5 Proven T Off-Tackle Plays – Part 2

These are T Formation Variations with 5 different proven off-tackle plays in the different T Formations and alignments. See all the T plays diagramed. This is part 2 of the T Formation Off-Tackle Play Series. The T Formation is the oldest American football formation. It originated in the Yale football program in the late 1880s…

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Youth Football Terminology 13 New Glossary Words American Football

This is part 3 of the Youth Football Terminology 13 New Glossary Words for Pee Wee Football podcast. I have 13 more American football terms to define so we can add to our American football terminology Dictionary. Part One is youth football vocabulary. Do you have any youth football terms or American Football slang terms maybe from the NFL or NCAA that…

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Marketing Youth Sports Programs, Leagues, Teams 50 Proven Ideas

This podcast episode was about Marketing Youth Sports Programs, Leagues and Teams with 50 proven marketing ideas that I and others have used to grow their little league and or team. This is a great how to market youth sports team article. I have helped market our youth football league over the last 10 years….

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Diamond Formation Plays Top Trig 25 Counter Play Youth Football

One of my favorite Diamond Formation Plays in my top best categories is the Trig 25 Counter Play for youth kid football players to execute. This is a simple play for pee wee football players in a strong running formation the inverted Wishbone or Diamond formation which I call Trig mainly for my wrist coach…

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Youth Football Kickoff Special Teams 3 Proven Onside Kicks

In this Special Teams blog post we will discuss Youth Football Kickoff Special Teams and Coach Parker’s 3 Proven Onside Kicks youth kick plays Opie, Reggie and Mickey Mouse. These onside kick strategies have been very effective over the last 10 youth football seasons. Special Teams is very important in youth football and too many…

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Expert Defensive Game Planning Strategies For #1 Youth Football Defenses

I received an email from a youth football coach about how I do my Defensive Game Planning For Youth Football Defenses especially for the first pee wee football game of the season. I wrote him a long winded email email and I thought this might make a good youth football blog post over at CoachParker.org…

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How do you know what works on a Youth Football Offense against an unknown #1 Defense?

How do you know what works on a Youth Football Offense against an unknown #1 Defense? This is a great question about youth football offenses. I struggle with this offensive issue against new teams and many times for the first game of the season. Everyone hates the unknown! How does your team stack up against…


Parent Coach Communication Conflicts; Parent / Player Demands

This is the second episode in the Sports Parent Communication Issue Podcast; Parent / Player Demands / Suggestions on the Coaching Staff.  After 30 season coaching youth football, I put together some examples of parent player coach communication issues and conflicts to help you address any problems you may have with team communications.  In the…

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Youth Sports Parent Communication Podcast Part 1 – Parents Yelling

This is a video podcast of my personal Youth Sports Parent Communication Issues that I have gone through over the last 30 youth football seasons. In this first episode of this multi part coach and parent communication issue series, I review a big issue for youth football coaches; parents yelling and coaching from the sidelines…