Pirate 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense PlaybookThe 62 Multi 8 Defense has been very successful this season.  I have been swamped with requests for a printed hard copy of my eBooks and for the 2017 Holiday season.  As of 11/22/17 I have in stock professionally printed 3 hole punched physical books for sale.  The book is bound with brass tabs or you can add is your own 3 ring binder, note pages and scouting reports and your ready for next season.  🙂

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This is a professionally printed three hole punched physical book of the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense. Based on your feedback, the book is 3 hole punched and bound by brass tabs.  The book is ready for you to place in your own 3 ring binder, so you can easily add notes, rearrange as needed and share pages with your players and coaching staff. I encourage you to copy and share pages of the book with your players and staff. There is a flat $8 per book charge for shipping in lower 48 States.

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“Hey Coach, I just wanted to tell you how much I loved using your 62 Multi 8 Playbook this season. Best $25 I spent! At the beginning of the season I was planning on running a 4-4 stack but during preseason I figured out it was not going to work for my team. I found your videos on YouTube which prompted me to purchase your playbook. We had the best defense in our 9U division, only letting up 32 points during the regular season. We finished the season with 3 straight shutouts and shutting out our playoff opponent this past weekend. We are playing in the Superbowl this weekend. Thank you for the hard work you put in to create this playbook!” … “Quick update coach, we won our Super Bowl 12-0 in freezing rain! Our defense was dominant and a lot of our huge plays came from your Beast formation plays. Thanks again!”

I have to say that as a coach with no football playing experience, the information you have provided and the manner in which you have communicated it, is excellent. “

“Coach, I received your Defense Manual on 62 multi 8. One of the best resources I have seen. Very well done.”

“I was able to beat the defending champions twice this year by studying your defense. Also the teams in our league was not able to stop the Beast and Trig packages of my offense. We scored 32 points a game and gave up only 4 points a game. We won 36-0 this past Monday in the Championship game. We ended this season 7-0.”

“I just want to send a note of thanks for all the great work you’ve done in making instructional videos and providing a lot of great guidance. I am the DC for a U14 team and we are running the 62 and 53. Your videos on these formations and the position responsibilities is awesome. Well done.”

“Your system is awesome and the kids love it.”

“I love this defense and the kids we have on it. Thanks again for all your tips and suggestions.”

“Good stuff keep it coming … Really enjoy what you are sharing. The book is a good read people get it.”

“… I have implemented the defense into my youth team with some minor changes, and I absolutely love it.”

6-2 Defense - 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense digital ebook.The 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense book is a companion book to my free coaching videos on the 62×8 defense that you can find find on my YouTube Channel Here….

The 62 Multi 8 Defense book is 148 pages.  It also includes all the full size Power Point 8.5 x 11 charts used in the book (174 pages ) that I use as a Coach’s Manual for my assistant coaches and player handouts. The book totals around 322 pages.

Click here to read the Index and the First Chapter.

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