Spread Formations Proven Best 6 Evolution to my Multi Spread Offense Playbook

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Spread Formations

These are my Spread Formations; proven best 6 evolution to my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook for youth football. I began my Spread journey many years ago from the Double Wing and Spin then toying around with the Air Raid back in 2008. My oldest son was a passing 10U Quarterback but we decided to hold off another season on the Air Raid for the Wider Double Wing I call Speed and then a job change and move sidelined my Spread Offense development for a few more years.

Double Wing Gun

The delay helped my Spread evolution by reading Dutch Meyer’s Spread Formation Football book, Tiger Ellison’s Run & Shoot, Gus Malzahn’s Hurry Up NO-Huddle Book, and a few more Spread Offense books and DVDs on the Pistol, Wing-T and Diamond T / Gun-T. I also started playing around with Spreading out Single Wing Formations with the Beast Jumbo Spread and Notre Dame Box formations like Cake / Fat Spread formations and Squad Gang. I eventually wrote my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense; A Running Spread Offensive Playbook for Youth Football in 2018 and 2019. This playbook has multiple Spread Formations and concepts.

Spread Formations

The Spread Formations below are formations and formation concepts from my Multi Spread Offense playbook eBook. I migrated from the Double Wing so many of my Spread series plays are from the DW. And since the Wing-T also has a DW variant the many formations and plays look Wing-T’ish too. These Spread Formations are from my Texas 2×2 Spread play series.

Speed – Youth Spread Formations

This is my Speed formation which came out of the Double Wing and Spin Offense families. It is a Wide Wing Shotgun Double Wing formation. The Wings are wider at around 3 to 5 yards vs a one yard width in the DW. I moved from under Center Double Wing to Shotgun Double Wing like above DW Gun diagram then to this Speed youth football spread formation. Depending on QB and Center skills, I will run this formation UC or in Gun. This is the first round of my Spread Formations evolution.

Speed Spread Formation Coach Parker

In this formation I like to run wider Double Wing formation plays. The Motion Sweep, Counter and Reverse are very effective run plays and the WB option pass is also very good. The Offense still has good run blocking with the two Tight Ends and the Wings. This is a great formation addition to the base Double Tight Double Wing formation. This formation is in my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook.

Texas 2×2 – High School Spread Formations

The Texas 2×2 various Spread Formations are run by many high school football programs here in Texas. This is why I call my 2×2 Spread; Texas. My base Texas series uses a Fullback with the Shotgun QB since my evolution in to the Spread Offensive formations is from the Double Wing.

Texas Spread Formations

I found that a Spread 2×2 formation is more difficult in youth football since you must be successful at Zone / Reach Blocking. I prefer a 2×1 formation like the Dallas Formation below. For older youth football teams and Select teams, I like to pas out of the 2×2 and run QB Draws and FB Direct snap Dives with motion action. It is also very good for quick slants and screens. The QB Wedge is a great youth football play out of this formation since youth Defenses will widen out and leave the middle open.

Dallas – Better Youth Spread Formations

I like Dallas, the 2×1 or 2x0WB Spread Formation, better then the 2×2 and maybe even the best variation of my Texas series Spread Formations. It gives the Offense the benefit of a TE and WB on the power side along with a passing alignment spreading out the Defense to one side. For my recreational tackle teams at 11u and up this has been a great formation for my offenses.

dallas spread formation texas series

I can still run may of my wider and traditional Double Wing type plays and also have a full range of passing routes. Pass protection blocking is also so much easier out of this Spread alignment. I especially love my TD1 Route combo out of this formation. The 3Slot will run and out/fade one to two yards past the first down marker and the X will run a Go route for a TD, thus TD or First; TD1. If 2Wb motion it become a WB Option pass or includes a Screen to 2. Many options here. Love this formation.

Metro – Youth Spread Formation

The Metro formation is another good youth football variation of my Texas Spread Formations. The Offense still has a run side with the Tight End and the Wing has moved out to 5 to 7 yards as a WR. Close enough so they can still run motion but also spread out the defense more.

Dallas Metro Spread Formation

In this alignment I am moving 2 outside maybe against a Weak CB. I might be also spreading out the Defense on a 3 motion Sweep with a FB lead. I do like to run Slants from this formation to 2WR. Just another simple adjustment to the various Texas Spread Formations to look more Multiple.

Wylie – Spread Offense Formation

The Wylie formation is similar to Metro but the X and 2 basically flip. I may switch 2 and 4 on this play to get more outside speed.

Wylie Spread Offense Formations

On this formation I am trying to use 2 in the slot / wb for quick outs and or other pass plays. If I move him to backfield I will probably run direct snap Wildcat to him will QB is faking passes or lead blocking. I also can still run all the Double Wing series type plays.

HEB – Spread Formation Offense

HEB is the 3×1 Texas alignment in the Multi Spread Formations concepts out of my Wildcat Spread playbook. I use this formation for 3 route passing combos. You can also move easily into a Bunch formation out of the HEB.

3x1 HEB Spread Formation

I especially like my pass route play call Arby Fries out of this formation. The X and 2 run inside curls to rub the Defenders. The 3 pretends to block down then releases out on speed out. QB is rolling toward him now and runs or throws. 4FB is blocking in pass pro. Here is a version of the Arby Fries play. Fun play.

If you run any of these Spread formations please let me know your favorite and what works for your team. How much do you run Spread Offense on your youth football offense? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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