Texas Swing; Sweep, Blocking Tackling Youth Football Drill

I’ve been playing and coaching football for a very long time now. Plus I read a ton of football coaching books so I am not easily surprised by a new drill.  I was pleasantly surprised Monday night when one of my assistant coaches, Garvin Fouts, set up Swing Youth football tackling drilsthe Swing Drill.  He and his former team, the KYA Knights, have been using this drill to teach their running backs to open field block, running backs to use their blockers and tacklers to fight off blockers and find the running back in traffic.

Our players really loved this drill.  It’s a combo of the old helmet to helmet tackling drill and a contain drill. Two of my favorite drills.

As you can see from the graphic, the drill has two groups; Offense and Defense.  We had our starting backfield and TEs run the offensive group and subbed them over on defense now and then to get in some tackling. We really were focused on our running backs blocking on Monday night’s practice.

Here’s how the Texas Swing Sweep Blocking and Tackling Drill works:

  1. Establish Two Groups for the drill; One Offense (Mainly RBs /  Rec) and One Defense.
  2. On each rep, rotate into drill 2 Offensive Blockers and 1 Running Back laying on their backs side by side with helmets facing the defensive players in the drill.  There should be 5 to 7 yards between the Off and Def helmets.
  3. On each rep, rotate into the 2 or 3 Defensive players laying on their backs side by side with helmets facing the offensive players in the drill.   There should be 5 to 7 yards between the Off and Def helmets.
  4. Set up a Running lane that is 10 to 15 yards wide.  This is similar to a large Oklahoma Drill lane.
  5. On a Whistle or Cadence, the Off and Def players roll over and on to their feet and run into the lane.
  6. Offensive blockers identify defenders to block and defenders take on blockers looking for running back.
  7. The Running Back runs through traffic using his blockers and finding the open seam.
  8. For slower Defenders you can slide them closer to the lane or even a little into the lane.

Coach Garvin says this drill really helped them perfect open field blocking on sweeps and improve tackling in traffic. We will be adding this drill to our hitting practices.

Let me know what you think of the Texas Swing Football Drill.

Have Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW / Ft. Worth


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Coach Parker
Keller, Forth Worth, DFW, North Texas


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