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Below are some Linebacker Drills that I use each season. They are my Top Best LB Drills for youth football. I will also give you my favorite drill for LBs. I was a linebacker both inside and outside throughout my Varsity High School days and loved it.

I did most of these linebacker drills as a player and use as a coach for the past 20 plus youth football seasons. And a few are new and my own custom flavor. Enjoy.

Linebacker Drills

  1. Bingo Break Shuffle Wave Drill – My Favorite
  2. Contain Pod
  3. Linebacker Yoga Ball or Baseball Drill
  4. Read Step Flow Drill
  5. Drop Zone Coverage Drills
  6. Key Read Pod
  7. Hot Pursuit Tackle Bingo Drill
  8. 4 Bag Shuffle
  9. Lead Blocker Defeat
  10. Shuck Drills – Arm Extension
  11. Big Oklahoma
  12. Small Oklahoma
  13. Tee Time Drill
  14. Blitz / Stack Pod
  15. Angle Tackle Drill
  16. Open Field Combo Drill

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Here is a YouTube Linebacker Drill Playlist

What other running back drills for youth football do you use? Are mine in your top favorite running back drills list? What is your best RB Drill?

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