5 Fun Conditioning Drills for Youth Football / Drill Games

conditioning drills for youth football

Here are 5 Fun Conditioning Drills for Youth Football. These are fun drill games. I have used these conditioning drills and other drills like them for close to 20 plus youth football seasons. Many of these drills are proven and very effective and used by many top youth football coaches. Some of the drills you can use in pads or no pads. I like to use many of these as rewards to for end practice drills.

Conditioning Drills for Youth Football

Deer Hunter Drill

Deer Hunter Drill is an old favorite from Coach Dave Cisar a famous UBSW coach. I have drawn up my version of this top youth football drill. This drill is one of the top conditioning drills for youth football to find your skill players. You can find the original Deer Hunter info on USA Football.

Deer Hunter Drill

Ultimate Football

I learned a version of Ultimate Football while at Texas A&M in 1982. I’ve always loved this game and so do my youth football players. They always request this drill over the other fun conditioning drills for youth football.

My version of Ultimate Football is a combination of football, 7on7 and flag football with a little bit of the old Ultimate Football game mixed in for fun. My Ultimate Touch FB version is not the old / original version of Ultimate Football that is like basketball with continuous play and passing forwards and backwards. Both are fun. Find out more about youth football drill here.

Drop the Bomb Long Ball Drill

The Long Ball Drill is a fun conditioning drill. I was introduced to it back in 2010 by Coach Shawn Smith. We coached together on a a Keller, Texas Select Team. This is a very fun drill especially for 10U and above players. I added the Drop the Bomb to the name because; It’s the Bomb!

Long Ball Drop the Bomb Drill

Players try to catch Hail Mary passes to stay in the game. Pretty Cool! This is one of my top conditioning drills for youth football for older teams.

Greyhound Pursuit Drill

The Greyhound Team Pursuit drill is a great drill to end practice on and still get in some real work on Defense. Great football pursuit drill to condition your players and also teach them proper pursuit angles when chasing a running back down the sidelines.

In this football pursuit drill you set up a defense on the 20 yard line or so and have two runners or “rabbits” on each sideline that will act as the chase runners or “rabbits” running down the sideline for the pursuing defense. Read more….

Do you run a flavor of one of the best pursuit conditioning drills for youth football?

Sharks and Minnows, Crabs and Seaweed Drill

Ok, so I have taken an old standard game / drill and turned it into hopefully and more fun conditioning drill for youth football. This drill can be a no pad drill as a tag game and a full pad drill with tackling. I like both, but we do not tackle with older teams due to injuries. This is another great drill to end practice on.

sharks and minnows conditioning drill

In my version of this Drill there are Sharks, Minnows, Crabs and Seaweed. The Sharks will call the cadence and the Minnows will try to run across the field to the other side without being tagged. Runners / Minnows that are tagged become Sharks on next run across. If Minnows jump off-sides with the cadence they become Crabs, move outside the game area and must Crab or bear crawl across the field to the other side. Crabs rejoin the Minnows or become Seaweed which are obstacles that just stand in front of the Sharks and do not move from spot during the game until next game begins.

The game continues back and forth line to line until the game ends with one or two Minnows left and they become the first two Sharks on the next game.

More Youth Football Drills

For more youth football drills check out my Drills page 1 and Drills page 2. You can also check out my Drills eBook and O-Line Drills eBook. Or better yet get the Drill Bundle below and Save!

youth football drills bundle

What are your favorite youth football conditioning drills for youth football? Did my like any of or all my 5 fun conditioning drills for youth football? Let me know, I would love to hear from you. Contact me anytime. I love to talk coaching youth football and and new youth football drills you might like to share.

Remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Good Luck this Season,
Coach Parker
Keller, Texas, DFW, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas

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