I love defense. I am a defensive minded coach. These are some of my players in my youth football defensive formations over the last several years. Keep reading to find out some of the most used youth defensive formations. These popular defenses are time tested and proven at the youth football level. Does your defense need an overhaul or some tweaks, then see what other coaches are running for a defensive scheme across the country.

Below are some of the most popular youth football defensive formations used by youth football coaches across the country. Several years back I did a survey about top youth football defenses on my blog and these defensive formations were voted (5300 votes) the most popular in youth football. According to the survey, these 10 youth defenses account for 90% of defenses used by youth football teams. The six top defenses account for almost 80% usage. After coaching 30 youth football seasons, I would agree with the survey, especially with regard to the 62 defense, Gap 8 and 53 defense. Pretty much every team runs some version of those 3 defensive schemes.

What defense do you coach? Leave me a comment below, especially if you play multiple like myself. I love the Multi 62 defenses. Have you seen my defensive playbook? Keep on reading for more info.

Most Used Youth Football Defensive Formations

So what is the best youth football defensive formation? I would say the defensive formation that works best with your talent pool. Many times coaches will run just one system and be stubborn about changing up the scheme to fit the players skill, age, experience etc. I’ve learned to be a little more flexible after many times trying to push the square peg into the round hole. Been there, done that. That makes for a long season.

This is one reason I run a multiple defense now and offense for that matter. I match my schemes to the talent I have that season, since we do not have the luxury in our rec league to recruit top talent. We can draft what signs up, but many times, you really do not draft the talent required to really run what you would like to coach.

In my 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense playbook I have review most of the defenses above, since my base defense; the Wide Tackle 62 can easily shift into the defensive formation listed above. I shift in and out of these like blitzes and shift / stunts to confuse young offensive linemen and rookie coaches. Plus I’ve found that one defense will not win a league championship, at least not here in Texas. Every defense has a weakness and if the opposing offensive coordinator has your number, you better be ready to adjust.

One of my favorite defensive coaching books of all time, Directory of Football Defense: Successful Defenses and How to Attack Them by Drew Tallman reviews the 4-3 defense, 5-3 defense, 5-4 Oklahoma, Wide Tackle 6, Split 6 and the Gap 8 goal line. This is a must have coaching book for any defensive coordinator and or student of the defensive game. I open this book every few months, it is that good.

A few other defensive books that make up my must defensive coordinator book list is Arnsparger’s Coaching Defensive Football, Shurmur’s Coaching Team Defense, and Ryan and Walker’s Coaching Football’s 46 Defense.

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I hope you enjoyed this youth football coaching tip article on youth football defensive formations for little league football players. Please leave a comment below and like and or share the article. You can also contact me if you have any suggestions, comments, questions, about coaching youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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