Youth Football Offense

Youth Football Offense Playbooks, Tips and PlaysCoaching youth football offense is not taking your high school playbook and installing those plays for 8 year old players to run like you did in HS.  Before you can determine your main offense you must know what player talent your team will recruit, draft and assign to your team.  Most teams can run a single wing variation because it works on the line for scrimmage overload principle placing more players at the point of attack then most other offenses.

To be very honest I install my single wing Beast variation almost every season as our power series.  I also will install a few I Formation plays because they are very simple to install and understand.  From there I will determine if I can run a Spin, Spread, Double Wing, Wing T offense.  I really want to get a feel for the talent on the team before I settle on anything complicated.  Each year you must evaluate your passing, catching, speed and football intelligence of your players.  DO NOT assume this will be easy.  I’ve assumed before and been very wrong.

During the off-season you should plan a few possible offenses.  Not just one.  Over the last 6 seasons, I have been multiple in my approach to both my youth offenses and defenses.  If you think multiple, you can easily match your talent to two out of four schemes you are interested in running.  The youth offenses I like are Beast Single Wing, Spin Spread, Double Wing, and Wing T.  I am currently reviewing the Power I and inverted Wishbone because we have a stud power Tailback that will be returning this season and these offenses will highlight his abilities.

Thank you for visiting my youth football blog.  I am sure you are looking to increase your football knowledge so you can build a winning organization.  Remember, your offensive player talent will determine your offense.  Don’t try to put a square peg in a round hole.  I’ve tried a few times and it does not work.

Good luck this season,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Fort Worth, Texas / Dallas DFW





13 responses to “Youth Football Offense

  1. I am working on updating my offensive playbook to incude each play run against different defenses. I think I an get away with just drawing out 4 defenses, even front, odd front, 7 front and an 8 gap? Do you think that will cover me for most situations. I do not want to overload the 5th graders and other coaches.

  2. David D.

    The Spin…
    This is a sweet offense

  3. Matt

    Coach Parker,
    I am wanting to run the spin offense for my 4th grade tackle team this season. Do you know how I can get a playbook for this offense or do I need to make my own? This is the first year for these players in tackle so I hope to run this same offense for the next 3 years until they play for their schools.
    Thanks for your time and your website is great
    Matt- Norman, OK

  4. Jeff Sutton

    How can I get a copy of this spin offensive playbook?

  5. How can i get a copy of a playbook on the spin offense for 10-11yr old.

  6. Jeromy

    did you post a playbook for this offense? I would love to have one.



  8. James Mansfield

    Does anyone know where I can find a good offensive playbook for youth football with ages around 8 or 9 yr olds?

  9. mark

    How is the best way to devise an o-line depth chart? How to decide who plays guard or takle?

  10. Mario

    I’m coaching 10-11 year olds and have a stud power RB & stud Speed RB with a QB that can throw but is not much of a runner. What do you think is the best offense to run with this kind of talent? I’d like to run out of shotgun but every youth offense I see out of shotgun has the QB running the 40%-60%. Any suggestions?

  11. Doug Still

    I am head coach of Broncos D2 or 3rd n 4th graders. I ran a beast formation and used counters from that formation. I would like to share and hopefully learn more.

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