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Spread Plays from Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook

Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Youth Football PlaybookI am working hard to finish my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbook for youth football that has many wide open spread plays for youth football players ages 8 to 14.  Final version 1 release should be no later than May 15, 2019. I am almost finished with the eBook but want to tweak a few of the plays and descriptions over the KYA Football’s 2019 Spring tackle season with my 10U team.

Many of the Wildcat Multi Spread  plays are used by many high school and college teams around the country, but tweaked a tad for the youth football game.  I’ve run many of these plays since 2008 as the Speed & Jumbo formation packages out of my Power Wing Beast Offense. Currently, there are about 12 base Spread formations in the Wildcat Multi and tons of others with Tag adjustments. These may narrow before final publication, I am working through the base plays to make sure most of them can be run from any of the formations.

Here are a few game highlight videos of some of the plays in the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense.

Tex Rocket Screen

This is a great deep motion Rocket Screen play from a Spread 2×2 set.  Our motion back is a a very quick Eldelman / Welker type slot player that has great hands and open field running skills.  He is perfect for this Offense. We have an above average QB and a huge fullback / halfback type player that is awesome up the middle with average receivers wide.  This middle / wide threat combination is tough on pee wee football teams.

Tex Rocket Sweep

This is a great deep motion Rocket Sweep play from a Spread 2×2 set.  This is a cousin play to the above Rocket Sweep Play.  I love this play when you have the Speed to get to the outside.

Jumbo Sweep

I love the Jumbo Spread Set.  I’ve used this formation since 1994.  It is great to Sweep from and pass from.  It has 3 wide and a Tight End.  Tons of run opportunities and pass possibilities.  We love to run the Statue of Liberty play from this formation.

Jumbo Double Ins and Out Pass Play

This is one of my favorite pass plays from the Spread Jumbo formation.  The two outside receivers curl in or hitch in to set up a wall and draw outside defenders inside.  The inside receiver pretends to block then runs a speed out wheel.  QB tries to hit him quickly on the speed out break just passed the first outside defender.  Awesome route combination.

So here were just a few examples of the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Plays.  Stay tuned.

Remember to Play for FUN and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Keller, Fort Worth, Texas






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Top Youth Football Plays – Top 10 Plays in Pee Wee Football

The Top Youth Football Plays video series came out of my 2012 article on the Best Offensive Plays in Youth Football.  Over the next several months I will be doing a YouTube video on one of the pee wee football plays from the 2012 article on best plays and updating it a bit.  I will then also within a week, produce another video about the best youth football defense to stop the top youth football play.  So, follow me over the next few months reviewing some of the top youth football plays and best pee wee football defenses in youth football.

Below are some of the top plays in youth football in my opinion.  And of course I am probably biased based on my location and my football background.  I would love to hear about your favorite play in the comment section below.  Enjoy the videos of some of the best plays in pee wee football.

#8 Spin Mo 45 FB Direct Dive

Here is #8 on my top 10 youth football plays list from my blog article over on This is the Spin Motion 45 Direct Dive Play. This is one of the top youth football plays to run simple misdirection. I love this play. This is another simple and very effective misdirection play from a Spread type formation for youth football teams. One of the best offensive plays for pee wee football teams looking for an easy counter play from a Spread formation.


#9 Split Crossbuck Counter

Here is #9 on my top 10 pee wee football plays list from my blog article over on This is the Split Wing 36 Crossbuck Counter Play. This is one of the best youth football plays to run for misdirection. I love this play. You can run the Crossbuck out of the Split, .I Wing, Wishbone, Pistol or Diamond Trig formation. Simple and very effective misdirection play for youth football teams. One of my top offensive plays for pee wee football teams looking for an easy counter play.


#10 Power I 23 Power Lead

Here is #10 on my top 10 youth football plays list from my blog article over on This is the Power I 23 Power Lead Play. This is one of the best youth football plays to run for short yardage. I love this play. The Pie formation is my variation of the Power I and is in my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook that is available for purchase.

Stay tuned as I continue this top youth football plays video series over the next several months.  Please comment on the videos and article and I will try to address your comments in the nest videos or articles.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment below or contact me using the contact page.

Remember to play for fun and winning is funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / Ft. Worth, Texas / DFW



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Youth Football Craziest Play at KYA Pee Wee Football Spring 2018

This is one of the craziest youth football plays I have seen in my 20 plus years coaching youth football / sports. Watch closely as the Tigers’ Center snaps the football over his head hitting an opposing player on the helmet and then bouncing back into the hands of the not so surprised Tigers’ running back who scores a touchdown. This crazy play from March 2018 maybe one of the wildest pee wee football plays ever at KYA Football in Keller, Texas.  What is even crazier is the running back and opposing player involved are cousins.

This funny play is from a 8U KYA Football game; Mustangs vs Tigers. The Mustangs went on to win the pee wee football game but the Bantam Tigers have a lifetime memory.

The play might be illegal but I doubt the referees actually saw which helmet the football bounced off of in all the chaos.  I know the Tiger’s running back had seen this crazy snap many times before.  My team scrimmaged the Tigers and the Tiger’s center had problems a few times and snapped the football over his head.  But give it up the the quick thinking Tigers’ running back for grabbing the football and then scoring on a 50 yard run.

Congrats to both teams on a fun game.

I hope you enjoyed the video.  Thanks to KYA Football and Game Tape Productions.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, TX



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Youth Football Defensive Player Analysis

I’ve been writing a Spread Offense book over the last several months, The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense; A Youth Football Running Spread Playbook.  During my research I keep thinking about how to attack the outside and Spread the Defenses, since the Sweep and Sweep Option Pass are the main plays in the original TCU Spread playbook by Coach Dutch Meyer.

I started drawing up Defenses and looked over my defense the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense and started analyzing where youth football coaches hide their weakest talent and put their stud defensive players.  I then started asking other youth football coaches and the chart below is what I developed to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of a typical youth football defense.  And yes, this is somewhat biased to a more recreational youth football league vs Select league.  But, I do find running left is very successful with most pee wee football Offenses; Select or Rec.

Yes, I understand better and more experienced little league youth football coaches will adjust to your offense via their scouting report, but you will be surprised how many teams will not adjust via scouting report or during the actual game.  Don’t say NO before you try it.  I win a ton of games running left and attacking weaker areas.

Youth Football Defense Player Review

So what I found is that pee wee defenses are usually manned by mostly stud defensive players at the inside linebacker positions and defensive ends / OLBs.  On the chart above you can see these players in Red.  One of the linebackers might be just average and or definitely weaker than the other ILB, so I have one in Yellow.  These linebacker type player positions are usually the best tacklers on the team. You must find a way to block these studs or run away from them and or use misdirection to catch them over pursuing which they will do at younger ages.  These guys usually want to hit on each play so misdirection works on them more than average.

I personally like my DTs to be studs since many teams love to run off-tackle plays so these big tackles are usually pretty good players.  I personally like to find big basketball players for DTs.  I have one Red and one Yellow in the chart above.  Many youth football coaching books suggest putting weaker players in the A Gaps.  So you will see many teams put their Minimum Play Players / MPPs in the A Gaps, especially early in the game to get their plays out of the way.  I also do this a lot but try to always have one good player there too.   For this example I have two weak players there that are Green which I find most teams will do in the first and third quarters.

The defensive backs can be a bit tricky.  Many times the 2 cornerbacks will be weak since you have Stud OLBs/DEs playing contain.  The CBs are just out there for a backup contain man hoping to scare the RB to the inside.  I really do not block most youth football cornerbacks and tell my running backs you must beat the CBs.  Every now and then you will find a stud CB and that can be a tougher game.  Many teams will also hide a MPP or weaker player at Safety so there is little threat there.  Most younger teams do not pass so sometimes this player turns into a Rover / Monster Defender but many times still below average talent.  So in the chart above I made 2 DBs Green and one Yellow.

So many times on a youth football defense, especially in rec,  you will get 4 studs and 3  or 4 average players and 3 or 4 weak players if not more.  Many times coaches will stack the right side of the offense and or the wide side of the field with their top players.  You can use this to your advantage.  Many times we find the left side is weaker or possibly the short boundary side depending on the team’s defensive philosophy.

Here is a video I published on Youtube that goes over more in depth info for common youth football defenses like the 62 Wide Tackle, 5-3, 70 Diamond and Gap 8 Defense.

I hope this Defensive player position analysis will help your Offense get more first downs, score more TDs and ultimately more wins.  Let me know what you see regarding youth football Defenses.  I would love to hear your feedback.  Please use comment field below.

Remember, Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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