The following free youth football coaching videos are from my KYA Football’s Youth Football Coaching Clinic training program given to new KYA Football coaches over the last 3 tackle little league seasons.  This is a series of approximately 20 YouTube videos and blog articles on how to coach pee wee football offense, defense, and special teams.

Free Coach's Clinnc on Youth Football

I developed this coaches training program after the league approached me help them train new coaches coming into KYA. KYA Football is a very competitive recreational youth football tackle league located in Keller, Texas, which is just North of Fort Worth in the DFW metro area.  Even though KYA is a recreational youth football league, there are many veteran pee wee football coaches within KYA that have coached football 10+ years and have also coached Select football. The league wants to educate its new coaches on how they might be able to jump start their season.  This presentation is given to any new coach that enters KYA Football.  New coaches must take the free youth football training clinic twice.

I know many of you potential or new coaches are thinking you do no need to watch this presentation because you “know” football.  Well, you may know how to watch football and play football, but I am not so sure you know how to coach youth football football.  Youth football is different than the football you see on television.  I see so many new coaches go through my coaching clinic and come into KYA Football with high expectations of winning only to be disappointed in the season because they did not follow a few simple suggestions from the clinic.  This new coaches presentation should be a starting place to begin your journey on how to coach football.

  1. Intro to Coaching Youth Football – Why Do You Want to Coach?
  2. What Makes a Great Youth Football Coach?
  3. Evaluating, Ranking, and Drafting Youth Football Players
  4. Coaching Youth Football Fundamentals 
  5. What Do Players Want from a Coach and Youth Football
  6. What do Parents want from Youth Football and their Coach?
  7. A Youth Football Coach’s Parent Communication 
  8. Technology Tools for Youth Football Coaches
  9. Developing A Youth Football Practice Plan 
  10. What is in Your Coaching Bag for Youth Football?
  11. Youth Football Offenses Overview
  12. Blocking Fundamentals for Youth Linemen
  13. Youth Football Defenses and Tackling
  14. Coaching Youth Football Special Teams 
  15. Scouting in Youth Football
  16. Youth Football Drills
  17. More Drills on YouTube
  18. Coach Parker’s 62 Multi 8 Defense Introduction

This youth football coaches training was developed for KYA Football and has a few unique points specific to KYA Football but the main points in the presentation should bu useful to most if not all coaches and not just new coaches.

You can also check out my free video series on my youth football  offense and how I coach my pee wee football defense.

I hope you enjoyed the free videos in this youth football coaching clinic series.

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Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW Texas

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