Coaching Offensive Line Youth Football is probably one of the most important coaching roles on a youth football coaching staff.  Pee Wee linemen need a ton of repetitions to learn how to block effectively and understand blocking rules for each play.  I’ve learned over the years, to expect more from your linemen than your running backs.  There are usually more linemen on a youth football team than skill players and the heart of your team is the big dogs.

The youth football coach who discovers how to make pee wee football players love to BLOCK should win the mega lottery and every Championship Super Bowl game they ever coach. Most youth football players hate to block, so they need a ton of motivation to become successful. When youth football linemen finally learn how to block effectively, they learn to love blocking. When your offensive squad wants to call a Wedge play when it’s 4 and 8 and they know they can get the first, then you are close to football Valhalla. Coach your offensive line to believe in themselves by teaching them blocking fundamentals. When you are the best blocking team in your league, you can score with anyone. Step up to the plate coaching offensive line youth football today!

coaching offensive line youth football
Blocking Wins Championships!

Here are some coaching offensive line youth football resources to help you coach your offensive lineman and some more youth football coaching offensive line blog posts

Offensive Line Practice Plans

Successful coaching starts with great organization.  Start out with a great practice plan for your O-Line. This is a huge step up in practice organization for any youth lineman coach for coaching offensive line youth football.

O-line 90 Minute Practice Plan

Offensive Line Techniques

Coaching offensive line techniques is critical for your o-lines overall success. Technique can beat poorly coached youth football linemen.  Focus your time teaching blocking fundamentals when coaching offensive line youth football.

Blocking Fundamentals in Youth Football

In this coaching offensive line youth football I like the quick explanation about the proper stance for a lineman. I don’t agree with lifting foot so high but I do like a first quick directional drive step to set up the hit engagement with your hands. I like this explode and drive. Drive for 5!. Not a bad quick intro video for pee wee o-line coaching.

This coaching offensive line youth football video is on of my favorites from many years ago, actually 2008. I am not sure I could do a better blocking video myself. He reviews the 3 basic blocks; drive, reach and down block. He also talks about NO Chicken Wings which is a key for me also. We use hands in our blocking. Off hand on elbow is also key when in your stance. Almost a perfect video for my blocking techniques. Maybe I do need to do a video. Soon.

In this second part of this coaching offensive line youth football video coach talks about the reach block and the down block. I love the down block and we use a ton in the JAWS, GOD, GOLD blocking calls. I also like the use of the head and hands to help steer the Defender.

Blocking Rules for Offensive Line

coaching offensive line youth football is not just about how to block but also who to block and that is why you need some form of simple youth football blocking rules.  There are a few out there that are used a ton coaching pee wee lineman, like GOD, iON, GOL, SAB, etc.  Its not just about inside or outside Zone blocking in youth football that’s left to the pro’s.

Simple Rule Blocking

Coaching Offensive Line Youth Football Videos Playlist

This youth football blocking playlist on YouTube has over 50 videos that I like for use in coaching youth football offensive lineman. I will continue to add to the blocking playlist.

Don’t forget the linemen when coaching offensive line youth football. Coaching is not just about the “skill players”.  Shoot the most important man on the team is a lineman; The Center. Many times in youth football the head coach will coach the offensive line.  I know I do many times.  I feel the heart and soul of the team is in the trenches with the big boys. Many times the smartest football players on the team are on the offensive line. Become a better pee wee football coach and develop your offensive line fundamentals and skills.

JAWS Coaching Youth Football O-Line Blocking eBook $7

Check out my coaching offensive line youth football blocking eBook JAWS Coaching Youth Football O-Line. It is in Adobe pdf format and available for immediate download. This eBook takes my blocking chapters from my Power Wing Beast Offense and Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbooks and combines them into a basic blocking book for any youth football offense. It also includes my OLM One Pager 90 minute practice plan for coaching offensive line youth football.

JAWS Coaching Youth Football Lineman O-Line Blocking
Download now just $7

Different Types of Blocks in Football

  1. Drive Block
  2. Severe Angle Block
  3. Track Block
  4. Wedge Block
  5. Down Block
  6. Combination Blocks
  7. Angle Block
  8. Reach Block / Hook Block
  9. Seal Block
  10. Crab Block / Bear Crawl
  11. Chop Block
  12. Cut Off Block / Scramble Block
  13. Double Team Block
  14. Body Block
  15. Butt Block
  16. Shoulder Block
  17. Fill Block
  18. Popcorn Block
  19. Crackback Block
  20. Area Blocking
  21. Man Blocking
  22. Trap Block
  23. Inside-Zone Blocking
  24. Outside-Zone Blocking
  25. Lead Block
  26. Fold Block
  27. Cross Block
  28. Scramble Block
  29. Scoop Block
  30. Influence Block

Good O-Line Blocking Books / Media

Coaching offensive line youth football blocking should be a big part of your practice time and focus as a youth football coach. Blocking and tackling are the basic foundations for football. I hear so many high school coaches talk about youth football not knowing the basic fundamentals of football. Make sure to focus on blocking with your pee wee football players.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football, especially about coaching offensive line youth football. You can also find me on YouTube for more game highlights and coaching youth football how to tutorials.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!