6 Free Beast Formation Plays – Yale Single Wing Formation

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6 Free Beast Formation Plays from my Power Wing Beast Offense youth football playbook, videos and youth football coaching website. These are some of the top Beast Tight formation plays. The Beast formation is a Yale Single Wing formation from the early days of football. I have been coaching and running the Beast formation plays since 1994, about 25+ youth football tackle seasons. It is simple, powerful and highly effective at the 5u to 12u pee wee football levels. Most of the plays below come from my Beast Base 8 Plays. You can see actual game film at the previous link.

Beast formation plays 5 free

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6 Free Beast Formation Plays

  1. Beast Tank
  2. Beast Wedge
  3. Beast TE Pop Pass
  4. Beast Sweep
  5. Beast TE Counter
  6. Beast Grenade

Beast Shotgun or Under Center?

So many football coaches ask me why I run some Beast plays under Center and others in Shotgun. Well, I like to do both when I can and sometimes I have Center and QB exchange issues, so I am unable to run a Shotgun. So I will run BUC or Beast under center as my base Beast Back alignment set that season when I do not have a consistent Shotgun snapper. And yes, I am very particular on my definition of consistent; 99.9%.

But, on some plays especially for short yardage I like to run under Center. I do this because I do not want to lose yardage and I believe the Beast Back hits the hole quicker. For Wedge I really like to be under Center. I also think BUC alignment gives the Beast back an edge since he is hidden behind the OLM better. In Shotgun the Beast back is easier for the Defense to read his movement better than the Beast back under Center. Small Beast backs are really easy to hide behind the big offensive hogs.

I do prefer to Sweep and Pass out of Shotgun. And you will see us run Beast Wide Worm and Beast Jumbo Spread out of the shotgun alignment more.

So I prefer both Shotgun and Under Center alignments. They both work great. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Beast Tank Play

Beast Tank Play

The Beast Tank play is the bread and butter play of the Beast Yale Single Wing Offense. It the Power Dive play just over the two offensive tackles. I’ve been running this power dive play successfully since 1994. When ever I need 5 yards I can count on the Beast Tank Play in almost any situation. The Beast Tank play is a great play if you need a tough yard on goal line or if you need a touchdown. It just works!

Beast Wedge Play

beast wedge play top plays

If the Beast Tank play is the bread and butter of the Beast Offense then the Beast Wedge is the jam on that toasted bread. The two plays compliment each other so well. I use these as a short yardage series that almost never let’s me down in the thick of it. I can’t count on my fingers how many times my players have asked to run the Beast Wedge play on 4th and long. They believe in the Wedge play so much.

Beast TE Pop Pass

Beast TE Pop Pass Play

The Beast TE Pop Pass is one of the great Beast formation plays when the Defense sucks in on the Tank and Wedge plays and leave the secondary unguarded. This play is an audible we use a ton out of the Beast; KFC or Popeye. So many opposing coaches are surprised when a pass play comes from the Beast. The Beast Tank, Wedge and Pop Pass are 3 plays that any youth football offense can install easily and use as a short yardage package.

Beast Sweep Play

beast sweep play free plays

The Beast Sweep play is a play we use when the Defense starts to submarine and stuff the Beast Tank Power play. Defenses will start blitzing the C and D gaps with everyone on Defense just about and leave the edge open with one lone Cornerback waiting to get pummeled by the Beast blocking backs swinging around the pile of players at the Tank hole. Then off goes the Beast back for a big gainer or a touchdown. We use the audible So Long when we see the Defense is preparing to stop the Tank play.

Beast TE Counter

Beast Counter Play TE

The Beast TE Counter has become on of my favorite Beast formation plays. Several years ago we had a 3rd string QB play TE for us and he was a great power runner too. I put in this Beast TE Counter for him and named it Crazy Heifer since his name sounded very close to heifer. It turned out to be a very effective counter play for us. So you can see him run the TE counter in this video. You can also run this play with the Wingback if your TE is not as fast. Great counter play in the Beast Yale Single Wing Offense set of plays.

Beast Grenade

Beast Grenade QB Sneak play

The Beast Grenade play is very similar to the Tank play but the Beast back will read the two Offensive Guard A Gap holes. Many times the Defense will shift the Defense to counter the Tank play and either the playside A gap Grenade or Weakside A gap Goofy will be wide open. We will call Grenade but ask the Beast back to pre-snap read either A gap for the best hole. We’ve been successful doing this about 80% of the time, so it works good for us. This is just a QB sneak play. We use Grenade like this also. And yes, I like to run it under center.

I think these 6 Tight Beast formation plays are perfect for any youth football offense. What do you think? See the link below and get these 6 free Beast formation plays along with the Beast Formations eBook.

If you would like a Free Beast Formations eBook and Free 6 Beast Formation Plays pdf then just click here and download your Free 50 page Beast Formations and 5 Play eBook.

What play would you add to my 6 top Beast formation plays list? Leave me a comment below.

If you run any of these Beast formation plays please let me know your favorite and what works for your team. Did I have one or more of Beast formation plays that make your top Beast Yale Single Wing plays list? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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