Youth Football Player Evaluations Finding Your Best 11 Starters


Youth Football Player Evaluations Finding Your Best 11 Starters and more players for your youth football team. A coach on youtube ask me about how I evaluate youth football players compared to others so I decided to pull all my info and piece it together to help answer the questions. The video below was posted on my Youtube channel back in 2018 and it looks like it never made it over to my blog. It’s really pretty good. I surprise myself sometimes when I look back at what I did years ago. Enjoy the video below on player evals and rankings.

A few more pointers on youth football player evaluations:

  • Be careful over emphasizing youth players 40 times
  • Speed kills like the Cheetah but dies like the Gazelle too
  • Big Player does not mean automatic great Offensive Tackle
  • Look for LM that play basketball or soccer for quick feet
  • Running backs who play soccer usually have great feet
  • Hockey players and Wrestlers usually make good football players
  • One year in age does matter with maturity, IQ and skills
  • I like players that are older even as little as 6 months older
  • Flag Football Superstars are not Tackle Football Superstars
  • Find Players that like to hit, wrestle and are rough not timid
  • Players will tell you if they are good or bad, Interview them in depth
  • Players will also tell who is great, ask them who they would pick or know
  • Know the player profile you want to evaluate for that helps a ton
  • I like quick hands, feet and smart experienced football players and FBs
  • I want two Speed backs thick and quick, Smart QB and 2 great FBs
  • I want one large OT a Quick OT, Two FB type guards and 2 Tall TEs
  • I want two Coachable tough DEs contain men, at least 1 shut down corner , good LBs that will stuff holes and 2 good DLM that can penetrate
  • Or Ill take a team full of quick mean nasty Fullbacks. LOL
  • I prefer smart football players over pure talent so I can install what we need to quickly = less reps in practice
  • Be careful of problem parents, it hardly ever works out in the end
  • Ask the player if he is playing multiple sports during the season, otherwise he will miss practices if plays
  • I want veteran players that were starters on other teams that are proven
  • But also understand some players could be a superstar with your help but make sure they are not your top picks if they might be a project
  • Superstar rookies seem to always be on the other team LOL 80% of my great rookies fizzle out.
  • Have fun and good luck, enjoy the youth football player evaluations process I do.

For more on choosing and ranking youth football player evaluations go here

Youth Football Player Evaluations

youth football player evaluations spreadsheet

Above is a spread sheet or my youth football player evaluation forms template that I use each season to rank our possible draft picks. It is pretty big and crazy and is almost an art vs a science on picking youth football players.

More youth football player evaluation articles.

How do you evaluate and rank youth football players on your team and new players that you are recruiting? Did I answer any questions you had about evaluating youth football players? If not let me know. I would love to hear your feedback.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football, offense, defense, special teams and youth football player evaluations and rankings. Sometimes, I think the draft and evaluating players is more fun than the actual season.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas / Keller / N Fort Worth

PS: Stay Safe and remember we are all on the same team in the end. Be Nice.

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