GOD Blocking Rules in Youth Football Offenses

This free youth football coaching video reviews GOD blocking rules in the Power Wing Beast Offense by Coach Parker. The GOD rule stands for inside gap, on and down. GOD rules are very simple rule progressions for pee wee football players to understand. Many little league tackle teams use GOD as their main blocking call in… Read More

Texas Swing; Sweep, Blocking Tackling Youth Football Drill

I’ve been playing and coaching football for a very long time now. Plus I read a ton of football coaching books so I am not easily surprised by a new drill.  I was pleasantly surprised Monday night when one of my assistant coaches, Garvin Fouts, set up the Swing Drill.  He and his former team,… Read More

Pull Blocking Pod Youth Football Drill Station

After watching a few offensive DVDs the over the summer and coaching pulling drills over the years, I tweaked my pull blocking drills into my Pull Blocking Pod Youth Football Drill Station.  I also added blocks for the Split End, Tail Back and the Full Back so we can get everyone involved in the blocking… Read More

Thoughts on Choosing Youth Football Offensive Lineman

A reader posted a comment a few weeks back asking; “What’s the best way to devise an o-line depth chart? How do you decide who plays guard or tackle?” These are two great questions and there are many strategies to develop an offensive line. Let me offer my thoughts which I am sure there will… Read More

Hex Blocking Drill Video Youth Football Drills

I just found this HEX Blocking youth football drills on You Tube from Coach Erik Saunders and I like it.  I would probably make HEX a little smaller so the players are closer but I like this a lot.  I will be adding this blocking youth football drill to my practice drills this Spring.

COOL Clinic DVD Collection ’96-’10

I just received my COOL Clinic DVD Collection from 1996 to 2010.  COOL stands for Coaches of Offensive Lineman.  This is a society of NFL and college level offensive line coaches that hold an annual clinic just about blocking and offensive line play. The entire COOL Clinic set includes 98 DVDs.  I reviewed the 2008… Read More

Blocking Calls for Offensive Line in Youth Football

I’ve been helping a couple of  Ft Worth area youth football teams this season with their offensive line coaching.  We’ve installed Rule Blocking and a few blocking calls so the boys can adjust at the line of scrimmage.  If you would like to research more about blocking Calls, read Radar Blocking.  For us at the 7-11… Read More

Blocking Tips for Youth Football Offensive Lineman

My son is making the transition from QB to tight end this season, so he and I have been focused on blocking.  He was my best blocking back last year when we ran the Single Wing offense, so he’s a hitter.  The offensive line and especially the tight end position blocking assignments are new to… Read More

Blocking Drills O-Line Blocks – Video

This is a great video from Tennessee’s Coach Fulmer describing and demonstrating several blocks used by the offensive line.  I especially like the down block and the reverse block or crab block.  We use the crab block quite a bit in our youth football blocking scheme to fill holes, especially in the A Gaps.  Enjoy… Read More