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Personal Data Collection and Why

This site uses your Personal Information only for operating, providing and improving the Site. By using the Site, you agree to the collection and use of information in accordance with this policy. Like most other sites we store and use sent browser data to operate the site under normal operating conditions. Some of our third party apps and plugins like Google Analytics, SEO and our eCommerce Engine may use data to monitor traffic, security, SEO features, provide ecommerce features like sales and shipping etc. Your data sent may be use to communicate with you via email, shipments, newsletters, Sites updates and Site promotional materials and more as deemed necessary to operate the Site and ecommerce functions.


Cookies may or may not be used to collect data like most other sites for the normal operation of the Site. Turn off Cookies if you do not like them. Some of the Site features may or may not work without Cookies.

Sharing Data

At this time, we do not sell any information of our Site visitors. Other than what WordPress, partner apps / plugins and our ISP does to store info to properly operate the website, run ecommerce maintain spam and security we do not purposefully track visitors of this site for any unnormal use. If you leave a comment or subscribe or buy products and interact with the Site your info is stored for as long as necessary to efficiently operate this Site and conduct ecommerce business.

We do not guarantee absolute security of any data beyond normal standard security precautions.

Simple really, if your browser or yourself allowed or sent or gave or it was available to view electronically somehow by the site your data is probably stored for normal operating purposes to run this commercial website.

These policies can be changed anytime without notice.