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The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook for Youth Football is a running Spread offense for youth football players from 6 to 16 years of age. The digital Adobe pdf eBook has over 100 individual youth football spread offense plays diagrammed versus 5-3 and 4-4 defenses. Many of the 100 Spread plays are drawn up left and right with cousin plays, so 200 diagrammed youth football spread plays in the Wildcat Spread offense formation. The eBook is 300 pages. The eBook is printable on home color printers or you can visit your local office supply store that can print Adobe pdf files.

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I have organized some of the best running youth football Spread offense plays that my opponents have run successfully against my Defenses and some Spread pass plays that I have run successfully over the 20 plus seasons that I have coached youth football in Texas and Colorado.

Definitely something youth coaches should pick up. I scored 4 TD’s off of one play in here.

Coach TPJ

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The Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook for Youth Football
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Wildcat Spread Offense Playbook
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Youth Football Spread Offense Playbook

Coach Parker’s Wildcat Multi Spread Offense

This book is my version of the Spread Offense for youth football. It is the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense. It is a multi formation offense focused on the run with play action, screens and option passing mixed in.

Many of these spread offense plays are proven and tested at the youth football level in game situations. My teams have run these youth football plays and or these plays were run successfully against my youth football Defenses.

What do I consider a Spread Formation

  • Horizontal Threat
  • Stretch Out the Defense
  • 3+ Receivers near LOS
  • Air Raid or Power Spread
  • QB or Wildcat Back in Shotgun Mostly
  • High Use of WBs and Slots
  • Ends are in Wide or Nasty Splits or Split Wide
  • Offense will put Contain Main in Conflict
  • Sweep Option / RPO key tactics
  • High Use of Orbit, Rocket, Jet, Fly Motion and or Sweeps
  • Frequent Use of Crack Back Blocks
  • Zone Blocking Schemes in use
  • Wham and Trap plays used
  • Quick Passes and Screens are big plays

A Word of Caution

Anyone can run the Spread Offense. The question is will they be successful over the long term with the Spread Offense. Do you have the right roster and talent to install the Spread Offense for your youth football team. The Spread Offense has a ton of moving parts. Do you have the practice time to get the proper reps? Do you need the Spread Offense to win your League’s Championship?

The Spread Offense playbook is harder to learn for youth football players due to timing, blocking and passing. You must have talented and experienced youth football players in the skill positions to be successful. Your offensive line must also be above average since you will need to pull guards, reach / zone block. Your Center must be very accurate and quick when Zone blocking.

In my opinion, you must have a great Wildcat / Quarterback stud to run the Spread Offense playbook even at the youth football level. They will carry the load of the offense, both passing and running. Your Wildcat QB must be able to pass and run wide being able to break contain.

I have run the Spread Formation many seasons as a package within my overall Offensive Scheme. Some youth football seasons and or against certain teams it will dominate. Other times, i feel like I wasted a ton of time on a complicated offense because I forced the Spread Offense playbook on my roster. You must decide. I will say, it is Super fun to coach and watch when it works.

If you have the talent then you should purchase the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook for youth football. Get yours today!

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Please contact me if you have any questions, comments or just want to talk youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

Coach Parker
Fort Worth, TX / DFW / Keller, Texas