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3-5-3 Defense Youth Football is an interesting multiple coverage stack Defense that is great against passing Spread Offenses. Recently a youth football coach in my Facebook forums ask me about the 3-5-3 Defense Youth Football and to “Coach Parker it” for youth football. So, Here are my first thoughts on the 3-5-3 Defense for Youth Football. See more in my blog post here….

Overall, for older players in Jr High and High School, I would highly recommend this Defense in its multiple front form especially against passing teams. You could easily move from a 5-3 or 5-2 Defense into this 3-5-3, shoot even from the 6-2 which I’ve done at 12U with a highly experienced team to win a Super Bowl against a Spread 2×2 / Pistol team. Many coaches say the 3-5-3 is a high risk and high reward Defense. If you like to blitz and play aggressive then the 3-5-3 Defense youth football might work for your youth football team.

3-5-3 Defense Videos

The 3-5-3 Defense for Youth Football is a great Multiple Defensive formation to shift from almost any even or odd from youth football defense. This video shows how to shift from Coach Parker’s 62 Multi 8 Defense for youth football into a 3-5-3 defense. I like to shift into the the 3-5-3 defense against 2×2 Spread passing teams.

This 3-5-3 Defense video (Video 2) on Defensive Linemen Stunts / Calls in the Hurricane Youth Football 3-5-3 Defense by Coach Parker reviews the 20 stunt calls for the main 3 down defensive linemen (Hogs) in his 353 defense package; The Hurricane.

More to come on the 353 Defense video series stay tuned.

3-5-3 Defense Resources

  1. Coaching the 3-5-3 Defense – Thomas Cousins
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  3. Coaching the 3-3/3-5 Defense by the Experts – Browning / Coaches Choice
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  7. The Art of the 33-Stack Attack – Football Help Desk
  8. Coaching Football’s 3-3-5 Defense – Joe Daniel
  9. The Complete 30 Stack Defensive Playbook – Campbell / Lansdell
  10. Various 3-5-3 High School Playbooks & Clinic Presentations
  11. CoachParker.org

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Do you like the 3-5-3 Defense Youth football? What youth football Defense to you run or like? What are your favorite stunts and blitz packages and coverages for youth football defenses?

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