Power I Left 23 Power Lead Dive Youth Football Play

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This is #10 on my list of top 10 youth football offense plays.  The Power I Left 23 Power Lead Dive was used against us the last two seasons to run over our MPP players in our middle gaps.  It was extremely effective against our defense in the Spring 2012 KYA Youth Football season.  We faced the USC Trojan team that ran it in the regular season and the Super Bowl.

This play is very effective when the offense finds a gap in your defense and or a weak guard or tackle.  It can be run inside the OTs or offf-tackle with little adjustments but running paths of your backs. This play is all about power football.  It  helps when you have a tough tail back that is very quick and maneuverable through congestion.

Power I Left 23 Power Lead Dive Youth Football Play Best and favorite play
Power I Left 23 Power Lead Dive Youth Football Play

As you can see from the play diagram above the offensive line is in an unbalanced strong alignment toward the play side.  It has been my experience that only the really good youth football teams will adjust their defensive line to the unbalanced o-line.  In the above diagram I have shifted the D-line toward the unbalanced o-line.  The o-line is going to BB Split block or butt to butt block at the hole and block away from the hole.  The Power Lead FB and HB will power through the 3 hole and each pick up the Linebackers and split them also.  If the defensive lineman are shooting high in the backfield your offensive lineman can proceed to the linebackers and the HB and FB can pick up the lineman or continue onto the safety depending on the situation.  The QB opens play side makes the hand off where the FB was previously located and then boots backside to pull weak side players with him.  Your TB receives the hand-off, reads the congestion and bursts through the hole.  Based on the position of the safety above, your TB’s cut back after the back’s blocks on the LBs will probably lead to a huge offensive gain on this play.

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I really like this play, probably because as our defensive coordinator it was tough to defend against.  As soon as the defense starts protecting the inside, the offense can basically run the same play to wider holes with the same power.  All the offense needs to do is to find your defensive gap with the weakest player.  You could easily run this play and variations at the line of scrimmage as audibles, which we call find the “rabbit.”

Let me know what you think. Do you run something similar?  Leave me a comment.  I would love to hear from you.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner,
Coach Parker
5th grade KYA Junior Razorbacks, Keller Texas


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