Youth Offensive Play Calling Strategy

Youth Football Offense Play Calling StrategiesBased on the latest poll results for topics to write about (see poll on the right menu), youth offensive play calling strategy is leading youth football blog topic on  I must admit this is a hard topic to write about because there are many variables and opinions on how to call plays, especially in youth football.  I think I am going to attack the play calling strategy topic in a series of articles, so we can all think through the process.  Like Socrates says, once you think you know, well you know nothing.  I cannot count how many games that  I have out smarted myself.

Here are a few Offensive Play Calling Strategies that are discussed:

  1. Give your Super Star / Play Maker the ball as much as possible
  2. The Sweep is the big play in youth football
  3. The off-tackle play wins football games and sets up all other offensive plays
  4. Call plays based on a series of play calls to set up the defense
  5. Passing in youth football offenses is a wasted play
  6. It’s all about misdirection
  7. Overload play side offensive line & LOS with blockers
  8. Spread the defense out
  9. Use trick plays when all else fails on better opponents
  10. Use multiple offensive formations to confuse the defense.
  11. Use all 4 downs in youth football never punt
  12. Always run / sweep to the wide side of the field
  13. Passing Spreads the defense out so you can run up the middle
I’ll end on lucky 13 and you can certainly add more strategies in the comments section below.  Don’t be afraid add your two cents to mine and maybe we can learn a thing or two.
Now you’re waiting for the right answer, well the right answer for a play calling strategy is whatever works for that team and its current set of players.  Sorry, I don’t mean to be facetious but KISS.  Keep it Simple Stupid or Sweet if you don’t like the word stupid.  I have tried pretty much all of the strategies above and in combination, and the best offensive play calling strategy that works is the one that scores for your current team.
I will say the play calling strategy combination that seems to work for most of my teams is;
  1. Unbalanced / Overloaded Play side offensive line
  2. Give the ball to my Play Maker 70%+ of the time
  3. Sweep if you have speed / Off tackle if you don’t
  4. Use all 4 downs
Youth Football Offensive Play Calling Strategy Series –  Part 1   |  Part 2 |   Part 3

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  1. I agree with Coach Rob. I got a soft line and having a hard time getting the backs out of the box. Tackles are killing me, and the DE’s are in before the back makes a step. Only thing that seems to be working for me is Jet Sweeps, and off tackle plays. Havent had any “home run” plays yet, but 3-4-5 yards a play, I’ll take it. But, would love to figure out this line situation thats really only doing MOB blocking, no pulling (yet) till they can prove to me that I can trust them to do it….. UG! So frustrating.

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