Swing Double Wing Offense Base Plays in the Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook

This free coaching video reviews the Swing Offensive Formation Package Base Plays in the Power Wing Beast Offense by Coach Parker. The Swing formation is based on the much loved Double Wing offense run by many pee wee football teams across the country in many Pop Warner like little league tackle football leagues. The Swing… Read More

Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive Offensive Running Play

The Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive offensive running play is one of my favorite youth football plays of all time.  It’s # 8 on my list of best youth football plays. My Arvada Pirate team ran this play to perfection with two big fullbacks rotating in to keep them fresh for blocking and running this play… Read More

Spin Offense Spin Back QB Footwork

I found a video on youtube of a single wing spinner series of footwork for the spinner back.  The footwork in the video is very similar to what we use for our QBs in the Spin.  We take a shorter first step toward the line.  We rep the plays on air at least 30 minutes… Read More

Spin Offense Video – 5th Grade

I have been getting several requests lately for video of our Spin Offense.  We have been running the Spin Offense for two years, 4th and 5th grade youth football.  Here are a few clips.        The Spin offense has worked great for us.  We run the Spin and a variation of Coach Cisar’s… Read More

Football Videos – Youth Football & More

Over the last 4 weeks, I ordered some new football coaching videos and received a few DVDs to review on CoachParker.org.  I’ve been  busy watching football videos this week.  Its been a belated Christmas.  As many of you know, I am a big Spin offense guy.  Two years ago, I ordered the main DVDs from American Football… Read More

Spin FB Gut Cut Back Play

One of the base Spin plays to keep the defense honest is the Spin FB Gut Cut Back.  After running the Spin Sweep, Reverse and Counters, the defense is likely to shift wide and open up the middle.  This is when I like to run the Spin FB Gut.  Spin Offense – Fullback Gut Cut… Read More

Spin Offense Reverse Left

Here’s another one of our Spin Offense plays from my Arvada Pirate youth football playbook, the Spin Reverse Left.    This play is usually a huge gainer or TD for us.  It devastates a defense.  See below. Spin Offense Reverse Left The play starts out just like the Spin Sweep and is set up by the… Read More

Spin Offense – Sweep – Coaching Youth Football

My 4th grade youth football team ran a variation of the Spin Offense last year.  The Spin Offense was highlighted in American Football Monthly in 2007, and I bought the videos from AFM after reading the article.  (You can find the link to AFM in the right menu column.) The offense is explosive.  We averaged 40 points… Read More