Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive Offensive Running Play

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The Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive offensive running play is one of my favorite youth football plays of all time.  It’s # 8 on my list of best youth football plays.

My Arvada Pirate team ran this play to perfection with two big fullbacks rotating in to keep them fresh for blocking and running this play all over our opponent’s defenses.  Depending of the defensive alignments of the defenses d-tackles you either run to the 5 or 3 holes for a nice gainer from your fullbacks.  You can also run the play from Double Tights or a traditional Spread.  I personally like to run it from the Nasty Spread as shown below.  The play is set up by the Spin Sweeps, Counters and Reverses.  You want to lull the defense to sleep then hit them with a quick FB dive.

Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive Running Play Top Youth Football Offenses
Spin 3MO 45 FB Dive

Like most Spin offense plays, the play starts with the #3 WB in motion toward the butt of the FB and at snap of ball carry out his fake of the 38 Spin Sweep. The quarterback will receive the snap hand the ball off to the FB and spin pivot to carry out the Spin 38 Sweep.  You can have the FB receive a direct snap from the center if you trust your FB to receive the snap.  We have done it both ways.  I prefer my QB to hand off.  The FB will accept the handoff from the QB or receive the direct snap and run hard to the 5 hole angling toward the numbers and running the ladder to the sideline for a touchdown.  Our blocking scheme is a simple BB Split blocking but I have also run SAB, GOD, GOL rules with this play.  The blocking all depends on the defensive alignments and personnel.

When I ran the Spin offense this FB dive play was our 3rd best average yardage gainer at 6.5 yards per carry.  Please note that I had two very talented and tough Fullbacks which was a huge advantage to running this play along with a awesome #2 TB that kept everyone outside worried about sweeps which helped set this play up in the play calling series.

I hope you enjoy this play and it works for you.  Let me know your thoughts.  I would love to hear from you.  Please leave me a comments.

Play of Fun and Winning is Funner,
Steve Parker
Keller, Texas / DFW / Fort Worth, TX

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