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Since my Spin Sweep post is receiving a large number of readers, I decided to skip my Special Teams post today and talk about two Spin Passes; Spin FB Screen and Spin TE Pass.  Like the Spin Counter, these plays are set up by the Spin Sweep.  As a 4th grade team last season, these were our two most successful pass plays out of our Spin / Speed (Spin Tight) offense. 

Spin Fullback Screen Right

spin formation fullback screen

The QB and the H2 motion Wingback action are the same as a Spin Sweep Left, except the QB fakes to H2, keeps the ball, and boots right for the screen to the fullback.   The QB and H2 must make a good fake, and QB must hide the ball on the boot.  The fullback fakes toward the interior of line and drifts right to block D-End.  Releases off of D-End and flares for screen from QB.  Because this play was set up by the Spin Sweep Left, the defense should be moving left following the motion back and the fullback should be alone against a Cornerback after receiving the screen.  If the D-End sniffs the Screen, the QB should force the D-End to commit to containing QB and then run / screen option off the D-End track. 

Another Spin pass that is very similar to the Spin Screen is the Spin Tight Boot TE Pass with FB outlet.

Spin Tight Boot Option TE Pass

Speed Formation QB Boot TE Pass

On this Spin pass play the QB has three options off the boot; TE Pass, FB Screen or tuck and run off tackle.  The play is set up by the Spin Sweep Right.  QB plays same action as a Spin Sweep Right, fakes to motion back, keeps ball, boots left hiding ball and looks for TE in flat.  If TE covered, QB looks to FB outlet screen.  If FB hung up in blocking traffic or covered, QB tucks ball and runs off tackle. D-End and Corner should be tied up with TE and FB giving the QB a lane off-tackle.   Safeties and LBs should be following motion back fake.  Make sure motion back makes a good fake, otherwise the QB is toast off-tackle.

The Spin Screen worked well for us because it was simple for our 4th grade Quarterback.  And since we are a running team, our practice time on the option boot pass was limited.  But, we have high hopes for the Option pass this year. 

Let me know what you think about the Spin Passes.   Also, if you have any suggestions on pass blocking please post a reply.  Good Luck this season.

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