Spin Offense Video – 5th Grade


I have been getting several requests lately for video of our Spin Offense.  We have been running the Spin Offense for two years, 4th and 5th grade youth football.  Here are a few clips. 




The Spin offense has worked great for us.  We run the Spin and a variation of Coach Cisar’s Single Wing offense.  Last season we had a total of 1300 yards rushing and passing.  We had the #1 scoring offense in our youth football Division with close to 300 points in 8 regular season games.  We are a heavily scouted team, since we had the number 2 offense and runner up in playoffs the prior season, and we were still able to achieve a number offense ranking in our little league football Division.

I think the SPIN offense is very simple to learn and easy for youth football players to understand.  And its FUN.  I would even install for a 2nd grade team pee wee team. 

I will post more video in the next few months, so you can see how it works in game situations. 

Play for FUN and Winning is FUNNER!

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  1. Coach,
    What is the “AIR Raid” pass formation you mentioned on the DC site?

    We ran Cisar’s single wing last year, but I may be picking up a kid with a rocket arm, so we’ll need a more advanced passing attack.

    I thought about putting Cisar’s Mesh formation in, sort of like a “spread” shift from the SW.

    1. Hey Coach,

      Thanks for your email.

      The Air Raid is a passing offense run by Texas Tech and others. Here are two Air Raid websites that I like.



      I ordered the Chris Hatcher AIR RAID videos from Championship Productions and the AIR RAID will easily fit into our SPIN offense. To me, the AIR RAID is a shotgun no back spread passing formation that stanardized routes into passing plays similar to running lanes in your running game. It looks fun and simple to implement.

      We should be able to shift from SPIN into this very easily. As a matter of fact, one of the new SPIN videos from AFM shows you how to do this shift. I think shifting from the SW to this would be great because the defense would be thinking run run and then you shift and they may not have time to adjust on defense.

      Ya, we too need a more sophisticated passing game this upcoming season. Our pass blocking improved last season, so we have more time to throw the ball. Plus, I think defenses set up for the run with the SPIN and SW and you need to be able to pass.

      I think the CISAR’s SW, SPIN and AIR Raid are great formations / offenses that compliment one another. We will be running all three along with the I this year as our base formations.

      Let me know if you have any other questions. Contact me anytime.

      ~Coach Parker

      1. Coach Parker

        Is there a contact number for me to reach you at…We are running a power I and direct snap Beast formation…Could we spin out of the beast formation ?


  2. Im a first time coach at the 3rd 4th grade tackle league and all the teams must run the 4-4 stack defense (no nose and the backers have to be 5yds off the line)can anyone give me comments on what kind of offense we should run and where to get a book or dvd on this offense? thanks for yor help.

  3. You mentioned you ran the spin offense some with a double tight formation. Is there a playbook you can purchase for this formation or did you just modify stuff from the historical spin offense to fit your needs/personnel?

  4. hey coach. I have 10 and 11 year old players i would like to teach more effective blocking techniques. can u reccomend a series of books that will help

  5. What were your line splits when you ran the spin? We are running balance line with 1 foot splits and the ends out 5 yards. We are 11’s and 12.

    1. we were foot to foot especially guard center and sometimes nasty with TE. We ran tight ends most of the time, especially backside. If we were going to a certain whole I would have them split wider to a one foot.

      Coach Parker

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