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One of the base Spin plays to keep the defense honest is the Spin FB Gut Cut Back.  After running the Spin Sweep, Reverse and Counters, the defense is likely to shift wide and open up the middle.  This is when I like to run the Spin FB Gut. 

Spin Offense – Fullback Gut Cut Back

Spin Offense Fullback Gut Cut Back

The key difference to this Spin play and the Spin Plays I have written about is the direct snap to the fullback.  We direct snap to the FB on any Spin fullback run play out of the shotgun. The QB and Wings run the reverse fake and the O-line blocks Wedge or Double teams at Gut depending on our blocking call. 

You can see this Spin play on video and other information on the Spin Offense at AFM’s Spin Channel, http://spin.americanfootballmonthly.com.   

Have a great season.  Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!

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