Here’s another one of our Spin Offense plays from my Arvada Pirate youth football playbook, the Spin Reverse Left.    This play is usually a huge gainer or TD for us.  It devastates a defense.  See below.

Spin Offense Reverse Left

Spin Offense Reverse Left - Youth football playbook

The play starts out just like the Spin Sweep and is set up by the Spin Sweep.  QB Spins but meets motion back W for hand off over guard instead of Center for the hand off and boots left to block cornerback.  Motion Wingback W receives hand off from QB and sweeps right.  The offside wingback, H, takes a  jab step then sweeps underneath left to receive an inside hand off from the sweeping wingback, W. H back will sweep left and cut off the D-End block, either inside or outside.    FullBack makes a quick fake inside then leads.  X Split End cracks on D-End.  The two guards block Gap for two seconds then release and pull to seal off LBs. The whole defense will usually flow with the Motion Back which will leave this play wide open, especially with the crack back by the split end and help by FB.  We have been successful with this play even when they have 4 in the outside box, because everyone goes after the motion back.

We score about 50% of the time when we don’t fumble the second hand-off.  We hardly ever fumble with a QB exchange but this is a little trickier.  The backs usually fumble when they are at full sprint.   I tell them to slow down right before the hand off and this solves the problem.  You need to practice this hand off with the backs every practice and have the QB remind them in the huddle to focus on the hand off.

The Spin Reverse and Spin Sweeps set up our inside FB plays.  Our inside FB plays use the Wingback reverse as the fake, so we can open up the middle.  Everyone on defense goes wide and then we hit them up the gut.

You can find more out about the Spin Offense at American Football Monthly Magazine.

Good luck this season.

Coach Parker
Fort Worth Texas


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