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Competition is Good for our Youth

I’ve been getting a few emails lately about why certain players start or what is my stance on minimum play rules or we should not let our youth players play for Select / Draft teams because it limits their growth as a person.  To be honest, I am old school on the issue of competition. …


Defense – Blitz and Stunt Blitzkrieg

Another youth football coach and I were emailing each other recently about the Spin offense and he asked me about what defense I use for my Pee Wee football team.  I told him that we run a 6-2 Wide Defense as our base defense, and we have 20 different blitzes, stunts and adjustments packages.  The coach could…


Dead Ball Snap or West Virginia Snap

I read a few weeks ago on the Spin Channel about an end over end shotgun snap.  Brad Scott from the Spin Channel calls it the West Virginia snapping technique.  And, in Jan 2009 AFM issue Schutt Football is running an advertisement editorial called, The Little Things, and Bill Powers, Head Coach, Jupiter High School in Florida…