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NFL Players Have It Easy « Phin Phanatic Post

I really liked this article about the NFL Labor dispute.  Its pretty fair to both sides owners and players.  I thought I would share…  What do you think?

It’s really a no-brainer to say that the players of the NFL have it made but sometimes you really don’t know how good they have it until it’s pulled out from under them and then scrutinized by every single media outlet. Side with the players or not and the NFL is one of the most giving of professional sports. Consider what the players have now, what they are seeking in the next CBA, and then wonder why we are watching this mess instead of getting early jumps on our fantasy football reading.

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Assisting to be a better Head Coach in Youth Football

You must learn how to serve first to be a great leader.  I’ve always heard that philosophy but I was not a true believer until this football season in Keller Tx just North of Ft Worth.  I moved to Keller this past summer and was too late for a Head Coaching spot.  The HC of my oldest son’s team asked me to assist with the offensive line after 3 games of poor blocking.  I also helped a bit with my youngest son’s Keller Select football team.  Since I was not a Head Coach this season, I told myself to watch, listen and learn this season, and that’s what I did.

Here are a few quick points I learned as a parent and an assisted coach to be a better Head Coach:

  1. Over Communicate and then communicate again
  2. Organize practice before practice
  3. Assistant coaches can not read the head coach’s mind
  4. Adjust coaching staff if it’s not working
  5. Each player has a different motivation
  6. You can’t coach everyone the same
  7. Head Coaches can not be late to practice or games on a regular basis
  8. Different coaches see different player skills
  9. Parents want feedback on their children – report  card
  10. If you don’t practice that situation, you will not perform that situation well in a game
  11. Repetition, Repetition, Repetition
  12. Head coach is not perfect and neither am I

What have you learned from serving as an assistant coach that you will implement as a head coach in youth football?

Coach Parker
Keller, TX


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Blocking Calls for Offensive Line in Youth Football

I’ve been helping a couple of  Ft Worth area youth football teams this season with their offensive line coaching.  We’ve installed Rule Blocking and a few blocking calls so the boys can adjust at the line of scrimmage.  If you would like to research more about blocking Calls, read Radar Blocking.  For us at the 7-11 age group we are using very simple calls.  I am not going to elaborate on our rules but  I will highlight a few of the calls we make at the line.  We use different names for our calls.  🙂

  1. “Attack” – Blitz – Center will identify a Middle Blitz and adjust blocking based on the LBs
  2. “Yellow” – Help – Lineman will make a call to request double team help
  3. “EMU” – Outside – TE or End Man on Line EMOL will attack outside defender
  4. “Green” – Good –  Lineman is ok and does not need help
  5. “Black” – Dummy Call – Does not mean anything

You can get more complicated and call a cross blocks or folds, just depends on what your age group can handle. 

I hope your season is going well.  Have fun and Winning is funner.


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Competition is Good for our Youth

I’ve been getting a few emails lately about why certain players start or what is my stance on minimum play rules or we should not let our youth players play for Select / Draft teams because it limits their growth as a person.  To be honest, I am old school on the issue of competition.  It is in nature that we learn survival of the fittest and in nature that we see good gene traits evolve and bad traits go extinct.  Many schools have taken football and other competitive sports / games off the playground, so when a parent signs ther child up for football, I think they should understand that football is an aggressive competitive sport.

The Echo Boomer generation is a group of soft individuals expecting a trophy just because they participated on the team even if they missed half the practices and games.  Does this occur in real life?  Does your boss allow you to get away with poor performance?  Well, I’ve read we may be allowing our younger employees get away with murder so, maybe bosses are allowing poor performance.  No wonder our economy is in the tank, we allow and promote poor performance.  I don’t think we should do this in sports.

Football is a team sport and very competitive.  A team is only as good as its weakest link.  So, I do not believe in the minimum play rule although I follow it 100%, I believe you should start and play your best players and if your league offers a draft / select team that is great.  After coaching for many years, the players know who should play.  It is only the parents that really get upset.  Plus the kid’s want to know the score and who won.  Its only the parents and adults that try to hide the real world from them. 

After reading about participation at the youth, HS, College and NFL levels, I calculated these percentages today.  As of 2006, there were approximately 3M youth players 6-14, 1M high school football players, 100k college players and 1,000 NFL players.  So only about one third of the youth players will go on to play high school football and that’s probably at the high end.  About 3% of youth players will play at the college level and less than 1% will play in the NFL.  So parents, its most likely your child will not play past the youth level and very unlikely they will play in college.  At the HS and College levels if that’s where you would like them to play, wouldn’t you like them to be ready for competition or will you be on the sidelines with them in college?

Competition is good and complancency is bad. 

Let me know what you think.


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