Defense Blitz and Stunt Blitzkrieg 20 Proven Calls

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Defense Blitz Calls 62x8

When the time is right, I am a big believer in Defense Blitz and stunt calls. Check out 20 proven Blitzkrieg call that I use in the Wide Tackle 62 Defense in my Multi 62 x8 Youth Football Pirate Defense; The 62 Defense on Steroids.

Another youth football coach and I were emailing each other recently about the Spin offense and he asked me about what defense I use for my Pee Wee football team.  I told him that we run a 6-2 Wide Defense as our base defense, and we have 20 different blitzes, stunts and adjustments packages.  The coach could not believe we have so many blitzes and stunts. 

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My 6th grade little league football team has been together for three years, and we have developed and learned these blitz packages over that time.  In the 6-2 Wide package, the DG have A gaps, DTs have C gaps, DE contain and LBs are responsible for the B gaps.  In the 6-2 tight, the gap responsibilities flip for the LBs and DTs. 

Defense Blitz Calls from 62 Defense

Here’s a quick list of our Blitzkrieg out of these two 6-2 schemes.

 NameDefense Blitz / Stunt Responsibilities
1Base6-2 WideDTs C gap, LBs B gap
2Rabbit6-2 TightDTs B gap, LBs C gap
3Air5-2 PassDG sub for SS, DG to NG
4Cobra (R/L)6-2 WideLB blitz C, DT to B, DG to B
5Bomber (R/L)6-2 WideLB blitz B gap
6Maniac6-2 WideWLB blitz A gap, DG to B
7Maniac Twins6-2 WideBoth LBs to A Gaps, DGs to B
8Tango6-2 TightBoth LBs Blitz each Sweep Lane, DEs to C/D
9Double Whopper6-2 TightBoth LBs Blitz D (strong or weak side call)
10Crazy6-2 WideCB blitz from outside in sweep lanes
11Crazy Too6-2 WideBoth CBs Blitz from outside in sweep lanes
12Snake6-2 WideSafety Blitz A Gap
13Raider6-2 WideAll out gap blitz except Safety
14Stack6-2 WideLBs stack behind DTs, tap DT butt for blitz hole
15Jewel Protect6-2 TightLBs blitz C Gaps
16Slant6-2D-line slants to call
17Rover6-2WLB blitz gap call
18Mike6-2MLB blitz gap call
19OK6-2 TightDE, CB, WLB blitz D / sweep lane
20Double Cross6-2 TightLBs and DEs flip responsibilities
21Gap 46-2 WideLB to D, DE to C, DT to B, DG to A
22Dog Cross6-2 WideWLB – A, DG – B, DT – D, DE – C, CB – Contain

We run man coverage and if it is an obvious pass formation and play, the blitz will be called off if the CB or Safety are involved in the blitz call. 

This may seem like a lot for Defense Blitz calls, but I looked over my offense last year and we had 30 plays.  Why should defense be any different?  The kids were able to pick up the defense pretty easy.  But I did learn, that I could not call a double blitz like Crazy Left and Cobra Right.  They were unable to process a double blitz.  I also tried to combine blitzes into one call and they hit overload. 

In the blitzes above there is one main blitzer, either the LBs, DEs or DBs.  I am hoping the DT and DG just stuff the line and let my playmakers make the plays.  So, even though this seems like a lot of Defense Blitz Calls.  I am really hoping the playmaker I move makes the tackle. 

Also, this has worked for us because my players learned that if you do your responsibility in a Defense Blitz you make a huge tackle.  They started telling me what blitzes to run at the end of the season.  And you know, they were right most of the time. 

Also, we do not run all 20 defense blitz calls in a game.  Based on our scouting, we will practice and review 5 or so packages.  We also did not install all 20 at once.  We ran 10 of these over the last two years and added more this year.  We installed one or two new blitzes each week based on the scouted offense. 

One of the best memories of this defensive season was when I overheard a coach that we just beat telling a group of other coaches scouting another game that we play sand lot defense. He said our players were all over the place.  He could not tell what defense we were running.  I love our Defense Blitz calls and 62×8 Defense. We had a top 3 defense in our league. I love it. 

I have written before about expectations.  If you set high expectations or goals you can always move back.  I set high expectations this year and learned the back off point on defense but we still learned more than I really anticipated. Do you think these are too many Defense Blitz calls?

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If you run any Defense Blitz calls or packages please let me know your favorite and what works for your team. How many Defense Blitz calls do have on your youth football defense? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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    1. At the level we play, we still play the run first since our age group usually runs. But on passing downs I do move one of our dguard to a strong safety. Most of the time I will blitz my outside DEs /OLBs and pinch pocket. I do like Zone blitzes but not ready for my age group.

      Coach Parker
      Keller Tx

  1. The 6-2 defence is my favourite defence for youth football. Its a pressure defence that forces the offence into mistakes,has good contain and covers all the gaps in the box. Very hard to run against! The only down fall is that when they do get through its usually for a significant gain. Your safetys have to be strong football players!

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