When is a Win a Loss? – Coaching Youth Football

I read a story yesterday on FOXNews.com about a girls high school basketball team winning a game 100-0.  Wow.  How does any coach allow this to happen?  I am talking about the winning coach.  And to top it off, the winning team is from a Christian High School. 

There is hope for the school.  The head of the Christian school is seeking a forfeit for winning; “recognizing victory without honor is a great loss.”  I must say that I love the quote.  Victory without honor is a loss.   That’s when a win is a loss. 

Coaches, especially youth coaches, we must rise be above the hype of winning at all costs for our young players.  I am guilty too.  Two years ago, I let my emotions take over during a game, and we scored 63 points on a team.  We did try to shut the game down once we reached 49 by running our 2nd string, but I should have done this at 24 in the second quarter.  Last season because of the above mentioned game, we started our second string players against 3 teams that we knew we could easily beat.  Our starters played the 2nd and 4th quarters of these games.  I must say this strategy worked great for our team.  The second string players had a blast and they also experienced much needed “real” game reps. 

So when do you consider a victory a win or loss?  I think the head master’s request for a forfeit  is a Win for the schools honor, and that’s more important than a Win on the court.

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