7 Squad Diamond Bunch Pass Plays Great for Youth Football

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Here are 7 Squad Diamond Bunch Pass Plays that are great for youth football. I developed the Squad formation a few years ago after spreading out a ND Box formation we use called Cake aka Fat which has been very effective for us in pee wee football here in DFW Texas. You can find some of the Squad bunch formation plays in my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense.

Here a 7 free youth football pass plays using my Squad Diamond Bunch Formation. These Diamond Bunch Pass plays are cousins to my Gang Bunch pass plays. We move to Diamond from Gang with the backside DE / OLB is quick off the football. Both of these bunch formations are great youth football spread formations for passing.

7 Squad Diamond Bunch Pass Plays

Bunch Pass Plays - Squad Diamond

The Squad Left Diamond Bunch pass play with the combo route Slant Wheel is one of my favorite combo pass route plays. We call the combo Southwest. With the 3 back in deep orbit motion it should move the outside defender inside and leave the wheel route open. Once they start jumping the wheel you can comeback on the wheel or cut it short and that works great too.

We like to set up the 3 Fly Diamond bunch pass play with hitting several quick screens from this formation. Once all the DBs are biting on the Screen play and rushing in to get the 2 back, we will release the 3 back on the Fly route. We have scored several times using this play.

I love boot plays especially when your QB is good at booting because they have speed to get to the edge. This Boot Option pass play is a favorite of mine. I love leaking out the TE ala The Gronk and sending mid and deep drags across the Defense. I put in this play when we lost a Championship game on a boot pass with long drag route. Great job to the KYA Bears that season with the 2 point conversion.

The next bunch pass plays is the Double Slants by the TEs. A reader and I were texting last night about his teams Squad Diamond Screen TD. He stated he wanted to try a double slant play. He wants to hit the backside Split End on a Slant. I drew this up for him today. Good luck Coach Jeff.

Another Southwest combo route bunch pass play is the 3 back gap motion to block with the fake screen. The X will run the slant and the 4 back will run the slant. We are hoping the Defense moves with motion and comes up on the screen leaving the Wheel route wide open.

To add a little run action to the Diamond Bunch Pass Plays, there is the Sweep Option with the QB rolling out to hit the Arby Fries route combo which are 3 slants or Curls into the Defense DBs and then leak out the inside back 5 to 10 yards down field. This is a great RPO play.

The final play is another pass play to the backside TE on a Fade route. You could do a post or Go/Fly route too. Most youth football defenses will sell out on the Bunch side of the field and leave a lone defender. Split out your stud on their lone Defender and take it to the bank for a touchdown!

Squad Gang Formation Screen Play

gang bunch screen pass play

The Squad Gang screen is an easy pass and if the Defense is not in man and backed up, this play is highly effective with all the blockers in front. Just make sure your Bunch receivers will block! If the Defense starts blitzing the 2 back hi the 3 back on a fly route.

I hope you enjoyed the 7 free pass plays for youth football in the Diamond Buch formation. I also gave you a free Gang Screen play too. Let me know what you think and if you have any bunch plays you would like to see me draw up and discuss.

Are you running any bunch pass plays on your youth football team’s offense? Do you struggle with pass plays? Do not try to pass in youth football unless your have a high completion rate. We start thinking about passing as an option with older teams and only when we have a great passing QB with receivers that can catch the football.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and bunch pass plays for youth football and of course the Power Wing Beast Offense playbook and Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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