Spread Offense Run Plays 3 of My Favorite Plays that Score Big

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Spread Offense Run Plays

Here are a few Spread Offense Run Plays. These are 3 of my favorite plays from the Spread in 2x1WB configuration which I call Dallas (Left) and Fort Worth (Right). They can Score big time when you set them up. These formations and play concepts are out of Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook for youth football eBook.

I ran a version of the Double Wing for many years inspired by the Coach Huey DW, Gregory Double Wing, Dale Weiner’s Spin Offense and Jerry Vallotton’s Double Wing book The Toss. And in the last 5 years Dutch Meyer’s Spread Offense and Tiger Ellison’s Run, and Shoot Football books along with Pop Warner’s original DW concepts helped me develop my Spread Offense philosophy for youth football. I also love the Full House Pistol and Diamond T Offensive formations which are running spread formations.

Spread Offense Run Plays

My Spread Offense philosophy is more running spread than passing Air Raid type spread for youth football ages 6 to 12U. But if you have the new Tom Brady Jr, Copper Kupp and your O-Line can pass block then Air that Rock out. I have in the past too when maybe I should have run more Spread Offense run plays but that is another story. Let’s talk about 3 of my favorite youth football Spread Offense run plays.

Favorite Spread Offense Run Plays Formation

My favorite Spread Offense formation is a 12 Personnel 2×1 with a wingback vs a wide out receiver to the TE side. For youth football I am more comfortable with this 2×1 vs a 2×2 for backside pass blocking and the ability to run power to the backside WB side. I call this formation Dallas / Ft Worth Metro. My 2×2 spread formation and Spread series is called Texas. Below are a diagrams of Dallas and Fort Worth in a Metro call which widens out the WB to a wide Nasty Split.

I sometimes call the Dallas / FTW a 2×0 / 0x2 if we are always running 2WB as mainly a running back vs a receiver/RB. For this article we will use 2×1.

Dallas 2x1 Spread Formation

We will use or drop the Metro call depending on the Speed of the 2WB and the blocking capabilities of the the Y Tight End. We may also have the 2WB decide which he can do based on the play call.

Fort Worth 1x2 Spread Formation

Spread Offense Run Plays #1 – Rocket Sweep

On this play the 2WB will deep Orbit motion called Rocket and Sweep wide after receiving the handoff or soft toss from the QB. The QB will spin back into the C gap or boot out. The 4FB will lead block through the DE / Contain man to the CB picking up bad guys along the way. 3Slot will seal block in the contain man.

This is such a fun play when your 2WB is very fast and faster then the Defense. If the Defense is playing read and soft and the contain man is slow this play is a huge play. And once this play hits for a big gainer, the Counter plays below are super easy and many times spread offense run plays for touchdowns and big scores.

Dallas WB Rocket Sweep Spread run play

Spread Offense Run Plays #2 – WB Counter

On this play the 3Slot will jab step then run the Counter underneath the QB into the C gap under the contain man cutting off the 4 back block. The 2WB will deep Orbit motion called Rocket and fake Sweep wide. The QB who is spinning back down from the fake Sweep handoff finds the 3Slot to handoff to and then runs the Dive / Stretch at the linebacker. The 4FB will Z block leading and or kicking out the contain man for the ball carrier.

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This might be my favorite play in football. This play is run in many Offenses like the Wing-T, Double Wing, Single Wing etc. The Defense will key the main running back Sweeping and the Wing/Slot will run the counter underneath all the eye candy sweep action. The motion just adds the frosting to this awesome WB counter play.

Fort Worth Laser Counter Spread offense run play

Spread Offense Run Plays #3 – FB Counter Dive

On this play the Fullback will receive the direct snap from the Center and run a Counter Dive to the C gap underneath the contain man who has been scouted to box high into the backfield running after motion man. The 2WB will deep Orbit motion called Rocket faking a wide Sweep. QB will fake the Sweep handoff and reverse pivot back into the C gap blocking first bad guy but hoping to be tackled by one due to his great fake. 3Slot will block downfield.

If the Defense is keying on the 2WB in motion and over pursuing then this play is usually a big yard gainer, especially if your 4 back is faster then a FB. This has always been one of my favorite plays from my Speed DW series and the 2×1 formation. I hope it works for you too.

Dallas Rocket FB Direct Dive Run Play

What did you think of the Rocket Sweep, WB Counter and FB Counter Dive? Are these some of your favorite Spread Offense run plays? With these play you can set up the Sweep plays wide, pass plays or set up inside to hit the Sweep plays and play action better. So many ways to set up plays.

Great scoring Offensive plays come down to an organized playbook and and calling plays in a series to set up the big play to score. Sometimes I may not get many yards running the Rocket Sweep, but I know I am setting up 3 or 4 other plays off the motioning eye candy Sweep play. Plus every play does not need to be a 15 yard gainer. Be happy with your 4 yards.

Do you run a few Spread Offense run plays in your youth offense? What is your favorite Spread offense run play and or Spread pass play? What youth football offense do you use for your little league football team? Is there an offensive formation or play you would like me to diagram? Let me know. I love drawing up new youth football plays.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football Spread Offense run plays for youth football and of course the about my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbook for youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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