15 New Beast T Formations Cool Beast Toro / TUC Additions

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Beast T Toro

Introducing 15 new Beast T Formations or Beast Toro / TUC formations from Coach Parker. These are really cool T formation variations additions to my Beast Offense in my Power Wing Beast Offense system. I introduce some of these formations and plays in my new T Formations Selected Youth Football Plays eBook. These formations and play series are still under development, but I wanted to introduce them to you today.

Both the Beast Yale Single Wing and the T Formation were developed by Walter Camp at Yale University back in the late 1800s. After researching the T Formation for the T eBook it became obvious to incorporate the T Formation in the Power Wing Beast series of plays with the Beast T formations. The 3 backs behind QB in the T are basically the same backs in the Beast. These formations, series and plays are easy additions to any youth football offense.

A coach emailed the other day and said he loved the Beast Offense because it was so multiple and had many variations. I must agree. Its not just a Single Wing Offense but a complete offensive system in my Power Wing Beast Offense version.

I am still developing the Beast Toro, and plays so enjoy this first pass of the Beast T Formations. Let me know what you think of the new Beast Toro.

New Beast T Formations / Toro

In this group of 6 Beast T Formations or Toro the basic overloaded under Center Tee formation is first. In the second diagram Bull and TUC Bull are shown and the 3 backs shift over with the 2 aligning on the PG. The TUC Steer and Toro Steer are drawn and the backs have an empty or space kinda like the Steer is missing something. The the TUC Wire is evenly spaced out T Backs along the line of scrimmage. I really like Wire.

Beast T Formations
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Beast T Formations 2

Wire in Toro is also very interesting in this grouping of Beast T formations. Horn is very similar to Bull and should be interesting in Horn with the 4 as a Sniffer. And more interesting in Dogie, wandering calf, where 4 moves around the offense with the $ sniffer gap call. Cow should be interesting to see how the Defense aligns on the strong backside backs.

Beast Toro Formations

Beast T Formations 3

Toro Cow in shotgun opens up many opportunities for passes and sweeps like in the GO GO offense on this group of Beast T formations. ZigZag is a formation that I’ve played around with the in the past and fit nicely into this mix. Trig for Triangle / Diamond is definitely a formation I use from the Power Wing Beast Offense. I run counters and passes from the Trig series. Now it moves into an overloaded formation in a Full House Pistol or Diamond T like formation.

And then like in Dogie where the 4 $niffer back moves along the LOS , in Trig the < > symbols move the 3 running backs in and out from the Quarterback which is similar to what I do with Cake and Beast. These Beast T formations in Toro / TUC should be very fun to develop over the next few months. What do you think?

T Formations in Beast Offense

If you would like a Free Beast Formations eBook and Free 6 Beast Formation Plays pdf then just click here and download your Free 50 page Beast Formations and 5 Play eBook. This eBook does not include all the new Beast T formation discussed today. They are still very new.

Have you messed around with anything like the Beast T Formations before? Leave me a comment below.

If you run any of these Beast T formations please let me know your favorite and what works for your team. Did I have one or more of the Beast T formations that might make your top Beast Yale Single Wing formation list? Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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