3 Free Spread Offense Football Plays

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spread offense football plays

Below are 3 more free Spread Offense Football Plays for youth football from my Wildcat Multi Spread Playbook for Youth Football.

I am a big fan of the Spread Offense when your youth football players are fast enough enough to run wide and beat contain. I really love the Spread Offense when my pee wee players are skilled enough start completing a high percentage of passes. When you combine speed and passing to Spread Offense football plays then your little league football team’s Offense is explosive.

3 Spread Offense Football Plays

2×1 Hook Passes

My father loves the Hooks pass route. I think that was the first route he taught me as a youth football player. The all Hook-ins pass play is one my favorite Spread Offense Football Plays. It is a very simple youth football spread pass play and highly effective for 5 yards or so.

Spread Pass Play

Play Strategy: Another nice route combo when the Defense is in man coverage and the DBs and linebackers are playing run first. Look to see if the FS moves to one side and then throw to the open side. Who does CB take then throw to the open receiver. The hitches are easy routes for your #1. Also great when DBs are playing 2 deep zone.

Coaching Points: 1) Receivers should butt out any man on them and turn inside for separation. 2) 1 pre reads looks who is tight or loose on the receivers. 3) Are the LBs blitzing a ton, hit the hitch behind them. 3) Turn the inside hitches into Flags if your #1 has the Arm strength. 4) Y at TE to help with Pass Pro otherwise send him out too.

What do you think of this Spread pass play, is it one of your top Spread Offense Football Plays?

2×0 Slant Wheel Combo Route

The Slant Wheel combo is one of my top favorite route combos in any offense and even better when run as a top Spread Offense Football Plays for pee wee players and teams. The play below is a compliment play to the Slant Wheel route combo play. When the Defensive backs bite on the ling Wheel route, have the receiver comeback or just stop and hook back. This gets the Defense almost every time.

spread offense pass play

Play Strategy: Once you have the DBs biting on the deep wheel route, shorten the wheel and comeback. This is an easier throw from your youth #1 too.
Great compliment play to the Slant Wheel combo play.

Coaching Points: 1) If DBs where dropping into deep zones for the wheel route, run this comeback wheel. 2) You can also go to the 3×0 zero set and put the 2 back in Rocket motion to the other side of the formation. 3) Make sure to get both DEs rushing blocked. 4) The 446 is also a great complimentary play in this formation. 5) #1 should not take a sack; throw football long out of bounds over head of receiver or short at FBs feet.

What do you think of this Spread pass play, is it one of your top Spread Offense Football Plays?

Motion with Wingback Counter

The Wingback counter is one of the best youth football plays of all time. I run it all the time out of my Speed Double Wing Formation. Since the DW is so easy to Spread out it makes one of the top Spread Offense Football Plays too. The Rocket motion or Jet motion always gets youth football players. Young Defenders are hypnotized by the motion back and the Counter back sneaks in underneath the great fakes.

spread run play counter

Play Strategy: The WB Counter play might be my favorite play out of the Tex formation. This play usually hits for a big gainer or touchdown. There is a ton of misdirection backfield action for everyone to watch and then the #3 back slips underneath for a quick TD. Set this play up with the Rocket and Fly Sweep plays. This is an old double wing play and it is glorious when it works.

Coaching Points: 1) Watch for Defense rotating and adjusting to stop Rocket Sweep 2) Look for Contain man chasing the motion Backs. 3) Is the Defense active and over pursuing 4) Fakes by #1 and #2 sell this play. One block is worth two fakes. %0 Does #4 need to dive midline to cover pulling guard and block outside? 6) Watch counter back does not run too wide into the contain man

What do you think of this Spread run play, is it one of your top Spread Offense Football Plays?

Do you run youth a of a few Spread Offense football plays in your youth offense? What is your favorite Spread run play and or Spread pass play? What youth football offense do you use for your little league football team? Is there an offensive formation or play you would like me to diagram? Let me know. I love drawing up new youth football plays.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Football plays and other Spread plays for youth football and of course the about my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense playbook for youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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