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The Double Wing Counter Play in my Speed 36 Motion Counter set is today’s free youth football play. The DW Motion Counter might be one of the best misdirection plays in youth football. The counter play in youth football is like throwing a pass in high school. The counter is a big play for most pee wee football teams.

Many DW teams will run this counter play or similar when they need big yards for a first or to score a touchdown. Great play. That’s why the Double Wing counter is our free play of the day; the Double Wing Counter from Coach Parker’s Speed Motion set; Speed 2Mo 36 Counter.

Double Wing Counter

double wing counter free play 2021

The Speed set is my main Double Wing variation. As you might see from above my Wingbacks are wider than normal DW. And I will go into Shotgun or under center depending on my Center snap exchange consistency. The above play page is from my Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook for youth football. A similar play from a Texas 2×2 Spread formation is in my Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook.

You can also check out my Double Wing Formation – Selected Youth Football Plays by Coach Parker eBook. It has over 200 DW youth football plays.

Look at the hole from the Speed Double Wing Counter play – WOW!

DW Counter misdirection play huge hole

Below is the game replay video of the double wing counter above.

Double Wing Counter Play Game Video

If you are more a traditional Double Wing coach you might be familair with Coach Jerry Vallottonn at In 2007 I was introduced to his book The Toss by another coach. It was very similar to what we were looking at with the Spin Offense and the SW Spinner series at the time. We ran the UBSW in 2006 along with the Beast but the UBSW did not give us the big hit capabilities we were looking for in another offensive package since I knew we would continue on with the Beast and ND Box sets.

A More Traditional Double Wing Counter

from The Toss Playbook Addendum

Back in 2006 or 2007 I bought the Spin Offense series from American Football Monthly and loved this offense. We had to adjust it for youth football and move into a Double Tight set and not be in a Spread. I also would not Spin my QB as much but the concepts out of this offense helped me greatly over the years with my Spread and Speed formations. Hats off to Coach Dale Weiner! Thank you for your expertise and inspiration. See his variation of the Double Wing Counter play.

In 2009 we were going to marry the Beast, ND Box, Spin / Double Wing and Air Raid packages together but I had a career change and moved back home to Fort Worth, Texas. I never did implement a true Air Raid spread. Never had the same talent. But I still run the Speed Double Wing Counter and laugh every time I see that huge hole.

Stay tuned as I bring more free youth football plays to the community. I started the free play series since a few online said I was just trying to sell playbooks. Well for about 10 years I gave away all of my info and some wanted the playbooks packaged and organized.

After several requests to purchase my playbook, I started selling organized playbooks. Much of the base play and formation info I sell can be obtained my WebsiteTwitterFacebook and Youtube site. Enjoy the youth football coaching tips and plays!!! Let me know how I can help you become a better youth football coach. You can also find more of my free youth football plays that I posted on my Pinterest free football plays board. I tried to post all the plays at

Do you run this Double Wing Counter play on your youth football team? Did I choose one of your favorite plays? If not let me know what free play you would like to see next in my youth football free play series at

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and the double wing counter plays and formation.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas / Keller / N Fort Worth

PS: Stay Safe and remember we are all on the same team in the end. Be Nice.

PSS: I have started a new Youtube Channel and website with my other past time; World of Tanks. Check the online game out if you need a distraction during the crazy time. and

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