Power I Pass Plays – Great HB Option Pass Selected Youth Football Plays


One of the great Power I Pass Plays is the Power I HB Option Pass that I added to my Power I Selected Youth Football Plays eBook on the proven Power I Formation. The Power I has many unstoppable youth football plays. This plays eBook has over 90 Power I Plays; 69 Run & 23 Pass plays.

This play did not make it into my top 5 Power I plays post but it is a great passing play from the Power I Formation.

One of the Best Power I Pass Plays

Power I Pass Plays HB Option Pass

This youth football Power I pass play is very similar to the I Formation Tailback Option pass play from my I Formation Selected Youth Football Plays eBook. I have always like the HB Sweep Option Pass plays in youth football. We started running a version of this play from my Speed Double Wing formation back in 2007. You just need to set the Sweep up and get a few yards on the Defense and let them think you are a run team then break out the HP Pass and wham a quick 7 points.

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Surprise Plays for Winning Football Power I Pass Play

As I was thumbing through several of my football coaching books today, I came across The Directory of Surprise Plays for Winning Football by Tom Simonton which he highlights this play in his coaching offense book.

Power I Pass Plays HB Sweep Pass

Do you run Power I Pass Plays for pee wee football or similar, please let me know. Did I choose one of your favorite plays? If not let me know what free play you would like to see next!

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football and Power I Pass Plays.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

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