Draw Football Plays Free Part 4

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draw football plays free part 4

I answer many questions about how to Draw Football Plays Free, since my blog and social media readers know I draw my own youth football playbooks and ebooks. I use Microsoft PowerPoint to draw plays almost exclusively. I have about 1200 football plays and multiple defenses in my youth football play library.

The great thing about drawing the football plays for free in PowerPoint, is that you own the plays and can modify and distribute freely. You can also save them to a pdf very quickly to distribute. Why get locked into a cloud based model. I’m trying to export my Prime music now and it is a hassle. PowerPoint plays that you draw are also highly customizable to your needs. You can add delete and edit without anyone’s help but your own know how.

This is the 4th blog post and 5th video in this series on How to Draw Football Plays to create a youth football playbook.

In this lesson on how to draw football plays free, we will set up several Defensive formations templates against an I Wing Offense. The video lesson above is about 15 minutes. Make sure to watch Part 1, 2 and 3 too, so you are not left behind in the drawing play lessons.

What is great about Drawing Football Plays Free in PowerPoint or Google Slides?

  • Draw Customizable Football Plays
  • Create Highly Unique Playbooks
  • Unlimited Scope of Drawings
  • Share Football Plays PPT or PDF G-Slides
  • Save to Cloud and Collaborate
  • Work on anywhere if stored in Cloud with Phone / Tablet App

PowerPoint and Google Slides are great drawing play apps. Well, in my opinion. I love to draw football plays FREE.

draw football plays free
Defensive Formation Templates Drawn are:
  1. 5-3 Defense
  2. 62 Wide Tackle
  3. 4-4 Defense
  4. Gap 8
  5. 70 Defense
  6. 61 Defense
drawing youth football defenses

In this draw football plays free video we create an offensive formation and line of scrimmage from our previous play draw videos. We draw up a 5-3 Defense against the I Wing Offense formation and then insert the Defensive players on the line of Scrimmage for a 5-3 Defense. Then we duplicate the 53 defense template to draw a 62 wide tackle defense. The 4-4 defense is next since it is easy to drop the 62WT Defensive Ends back to 44 OLB from the Defensive End alignment. We duplicate the 62 WT defense again to align the players up in a Gap 8 alignment creating the Gap 8 Defense template.

The last 2 defensive formation templates are two of my favorite youth football defenses up to about 10U rec tackle leagues. I love the 70 Diamond and 70 Umbrella defenses. And for those that cannot have anyone in the A gap or over Center you can drop the Noseguard to a Mike and easily draw the 6-1 Defense. These are so easy to draw in this Draw Football Plays Free lesson on Defense.

Draw Football Plays Free

I hope you enjoyed the Drawing Football Plays Free Blog post and Video in PowerPoint to Create Youth Football Playbook post. Stay tuned for Part 5 soon. We will discuss how to set up a Master Template.

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Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football. Also if you want more drawing videos on how to draw football plays free please let me know. Thanks

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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