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Here’s another Free football plays for youth Blog post; The Wishbone QB Power Sweep. This WB QB running play is one of my favorite youth football power running plays from the Wishbone Formation. That is why this QB Sweep play is one of my Free Football Plays for Youth pee wee football teams. I could easily add this into my Power Wing Beast Offensive system and just might do so soon.

Several coaches I know at KYA Football and other leagues run the Wishbone Formation as one of their youth football offensive packages. The Wishbone Formation is a great power running offense formation. Shoot even I ran the Option Wishbone when I played Middle . High School football in the late 80’s. Plus it is an easy offense to learn and it can be balanced and unbalanced. There are several formation shifts too. Do you think this is a great free football plays for youth football?

free football plays for youth - WB QB Power Sweep Play Free

In the Wishbone play above the 3 WB backs are power lead blocking for the QB. In this play the QB spins or reverse pivots out and up wider that his last block. This is why in my system its a @ hole vs an 8 hole, The @ symbol represent very wide sweep.

I just have the o-line blocking GOLD in this free football plays for youth football play the WB QB Power Sweep. The GOLD blocking call stands for iGap, On, Linebacker and near defender. You could have the Guards pull for the sweep too, your call if the opposing DL is slow.

Free Football Plays for Youth – WB QB Sweep

This play caught me on Defense in a CB blitz to the C gap since they were in a Wishbone and Coach Lance ran the power sweep on me. He caught me being a little too aggressive. Then our DE gets washed into our Safety and then its a TD. Gotta love youth football. Great play Cowboys and Coach Lance! You too can use this top free football plays for youth football in your offense.

Also notice which I did not when I decided to blitz, the FB and other backs are very deep in the backfield on this play. This should have tipped me off to a Sweep vs the inside power dive play. Nice adjustment to help the wide blocking scheme.

The play was set up nice with several inside runs making me think another inside run, plus I did not think he would run the power sweep to the short side on this play which he did. Great call. I was laughing after the game with him. He caught me most of the game, not my day calling Defense in this game.

Another good play for the QB out of the Wishbone is a bootleg with the guards pulling and the FB or WB Z blocking back on the naked boot. This works great when the Defense sells out maybe to one side. The TB and WB should fake the Deep Sweep and QB boots opposite. Misdirection plays are always great in youth football. Maybe this will be another free football plays for youth future post. Stay tuned for more free plays.

Do you run this free football plays youth football or similar, please let me know. Did I choose one of your favorite plays? If not let me know what free play you would like to see next!

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking about my free football plays for youth football and coaching youth football.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

Thanks to KYA Football and Game Tape Productions for video use. And to the KYA Rams and Cowboys, thank you too.

PS: Stay Safe!!

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