JAWS Coaching Youth Football Lineman Oline Blocking eBook by Coach Parker $7

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JAWS Coaching Youth Football Lineman OLine Blocking New 1 eBook from Coach Parker. Coach Parker combines his blocking Chapters from his Power Wing Beast Offense Playbook, Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook along with some coaching youth football lineman articles from his youth football coaching tips blog at CoachParker.org. It also includes the OLM One Pager practice plan a $1.99 value. The new coaching O-Line blocking eBook (Adobe pdf) is Just $7. That’s one dollar for each youth football lineman. 🙂

You can use this youth football blocking eBook with any youth football offense. This is a great new resource for Coaching Youth Football Lineman.

Blocking is the key to a consistent scoring offense in youth football. Too many youth football coaches try to find a fast tailback and win by running back talent alone. In the long run that skilled RB talent may move, get hurt, let you down, and or not be the fastest running back in your league. You might only end up with less talented RBs but a top tier offensive line. Like Defense, the Offensive Line wins football games and most importantly Championships. Do not forget to focus on Coaching Youth Football Lineman.

Why is it called JAWS. Well I like to name each of my youth football coaching eBooks an animal name / logo. Since I call my simplified GOD Rule block JAW I decided to use JAWS in the title because I demonstrate Crocodile Jaws inside tracking the Defenders into its mouth to help the players understand we want to track all defenders in the JAWS.

JAWS Coaching Youth Football Lineman O-Line Blocking
Click and Look Inside for a Preview!

Coach Parker developed this blocking ebook over the last 20 seasons coaching youth football. These blocking system and strategies has helped him achieve a winning record over 30 youth football seasons. Most seasons Coach Parker’s youth football teams are in the Semi’s or Championship Games. Blocking wins games and Championships. Want to win then start by Coaching Youth Football Lineman on your team.

Make sure your offensive line is coached by an experienced O-Line coach that knows how to coach blocking or is willing to learn how to coach the o-line. This JAWS Blocking eBook will help any youth football coach learn how to coach the offensive line in youth football.

What’s Inside the Blocking eBook?

  • eBook from PWBO and WMSO OLM / Blocking Chapters
  • 74 pages – over 50 pages of Coaching O-Line Bllocking detail…
  • Lineman Player Position Profiles
  • Blocking Calls / Rules / Vocabulary
  • Links to OLM Drills Articles and Videos

Look Inside Now….

When choosing youth football lineman, remember weight should not be your biggest factor determining Offensive Lineman. Look for quick hands and feet. Most of the time, a smaller but quicker OLM will outperform a slower over sized and or overweight Offensive Lineman. If you are drafting a youth offensive line, try to draft big Fullback / Linebacker types. These versatile quick players in youth football are like precious diamonds to scatter throughout your team for their extra speed and quickness. I would love to have a team of fullbacks and linebackers with a reliable Center, QB and TB. I would be extremely happy Coaching Youth Football Lineman like those mentioned.

Coaching Youth Football Lineman

Above is a video about a 90 Minute Practice plan I use for coaching youth football lineman each week. You can see me using it in the picture below. This plan is included in this JAWS eBook.

o-line practice plan for blocking

Get your JAWS Youth Football Offensive O-Line Blocking eBook in Adobe PDf format today. Immediate Download. Start Coaching Youth Football Lineman today!

JAWS Blocking eBook Intro Video

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football, especially about Coaching Youth Football Lineman. You can also find me on YouTube for more game highlights and coaching youth football how to tutorials.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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