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Youth Football Counter Plays are high risk and high reward plays, especially in youth football. Here is a youth football offensive series from my 2019 Fall 12U recreational little league team in Keller, Texas playing for We are running my Fat Cake / Box offensive formation. In this youth offensive series we are trying to set up one of our new youth football counter plays we just installed for our first game of the Fall 2019 season.

We started to set up the misdirection play by running Sweeps and Stretch Sweeps to our side of the field, which I love to do. We are playing a rival opponent so they know us very well from past youth football seasons. They know I love the Beast and run unbalanced. Our games are usually very close.

You can see in the above video the opposing team’s defense has shifted to the unbalanced side of the field and on the Stretch Sweep they shut the play down. After the two or 3 plays to our sideline, we have them set up for the Power Lead Counter to the wide side of the field. Like most good youth football counter plays and misdirection plays, we get a nice 20 plus yard gainer which eventually sets up a touchdown on this series.

For the 2019 youth football season, I actually set up a mini misdirection offense playbook within my overall offensive playbook for the season, so we could focus on youth football counter plays. I made sure to go over this 8 misdirection counter plays every practice. The counter play in football needs more reps since there are usually more moving parts. Mainly because the counter play blocking scheme might be different than your usually blocking schemes / calls.

Wildcat Spread and Beast Offense Bundle

I love power smash mouth football but the counter play vs power play is great when a defense is selling out on your power plays. They might be heavy blitzing or stunting to your power side and or shifting to your unbalanced side of the line. When you have these factors coupled with a defense that over pursues then that’s when I love to run misdirection youth football counter plays.

The youth football counter play below, Cake Left Power Lead Counter helped set up the touchdown drive to win this game. See the counter play diagram below. This is a great youth football counter play for any pee wee football offense.

Youth Football Counter Plays

youth football counter plays diagram

In the end of that youth football offensive series we used one of the many youth football counter plays out of the Cake / Fat formation from the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense and Power Wing Beast Offense youth football playbooks. The counter play set us up for a shirt yardage series into the end zone.

It is no surprise to many of you, we score using the Beast run plays and extra point with a Beast Pass Play.

The Beast Offense video above highlights the last few plays of the Cake counter play series mentioned in the first of the blog post. I love running the combo of these three plays; Tank, Wedge and Quick Pass. These three Beast Offense plays are great for any age youth football offense.

When the defense shuts down the Wedge, usually the Tank play is open or vice versa. And when the youth football defense sells out to stop the run, the quick pass play is always open for those teams that can complete a short pass play.

I hope you enjoyed the coaching youth football tips blog post; Youth Football Counter Plays in the Cake Formation for Youth Football. What counter play does your team run? What is your favorite misdirection play? Please comment below.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football. You can also find me on YouTube for more game highlights and coaching youth football how to tutorials.

Remember to Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Fort Worth, Texas

PS: Stay Safe!!

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