Last Spring 2015, I coached a KYA Football Senior 6th grade team and had a blast.  One of the coaches dropped at the last minute so I agreed to help out and take a team.  After a little scrambling to get up to speed, we had a great draft and put together a heck of a team in short notice.  I am very proud of this Senior Viking team.  We made it to the Championship game losing to the team that won the Super Bowl the next week.

Our best play during the season was our Beast Right Wedge Play also known as the Wild Weasel and Honey Badger.  We also ran a great Statue of Liberty Reverse which I will post soon.  Old school football in the new era.  I love it.  Well here is the Beast Right Wedge against another top team within our Division.  I added the Mouse fake to the wedge play this season and watch the cameraman follow the fake right as the running back in the Wedge sneaks out in the middle and then cuts left.  What a great read by the running back.   I hope you enjoy our Honey Badger.


Coach Parker
Keller, Texas

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