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Choosing a Youth Football Quarterback / Winning Traits of an Elite QB1

Choosing a Youth Football Quarterback with the winning traits to be your elite QB1 starter and finding backup is a tough decision each youth football coach makes every little league pee wee football season. Who should play QB on my team? It is a tough decision even for me after 25 plus tackle seasons to…


Parent Coach Communication Conflicts; Parent / Player Demands

This is the second episode in the Sports Parent Communication Issue Podcast; Parent / Player Demands / Suggestions on the Coaching Staff.  After 30 season coaching youth football, I put together some examples of parent player coach communication issues and conflicts to help you address any problems you may have with team communications.  In the…

Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports Podcast

In this first episode of Coaching Youth Football Tips & Talk, Coach Parker discusses Favoritism in Youth Football / Sports.             You can also head over to my Podcast Library at http://coachparker.libsyn.com/website Other Posts on Favoritism https://coachparker.org/2009/08/25/favoritism-in-youth-sports/ https://coachparker.org/2008/05/23/the-head-coachs-son-favoritism/ https://coachparker.org/2008/05/08/minimum-play-players-favoritism-parents/ https://coachparker.org/2014/09/17/how-to-become-the-coachs-favorite/ https://coachparker.org/2012/06/17/coaching-your-own-child-in-youth-sports/ https://coachparker.org/2011/08/16/so-your-child-is-not-a-starter-oh-no/ https://coachparker.org/2017/06/20/coaching-youth-football-to-lose-and-why/