How to Draw Football Plays for #1 Best Custom Play Diagrams

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How to draw football plays for #1 best custom play diagrams and to design your own football plays, formations and assignments to create a unique youth football playbook for your little league youth football team. Learn how to draw football plays for tackle football leagues, 8 man leagues, 7 on 7 teams and pee wee flag teams that are learning how to play football. Communicating and being organized is one of the top qualities of a good coach. A well formatted and organized playbook is a key element to your good coaching skills.

how to draw football plays to create a youth football playbook

This is part 1 of a series of posts and videos on how to create a football playbook for youth football. I have been developing team playbooks since 1994. I started out using Microsoft Word and the Playmaker football game. I would test the plays in Playmaker football game and then draw them in MS Word and write down my notes. MS Word became to difficult for what I wanted to do so I moved the info to MS PowerPoint to draw my football play diagrams.

I use MS Office PowerPoint app software to draw all of my plays in my playbooks and videos. I have also started using Google Slides, Google Keep and Sketch to draw youth football plays and diagrams. I’ve been using Diigo to research websites and digital media for years for work and coaching. These digital apps and tools allow me to organize my football plays, formations, diagrams, quotes, youth football playbooks etc into a format that I can easily manage and communicate to my fellow football coaches.

I use all these general draw software apps that I use at work and for my kids to draw basic football play diagram template so I can develop plays and then my overall playbooks. These tools above have become my football playbook software. I do not need anything fancy with a huge monthly subscription to draw, customize and store my youth football plays and playbooks.

How to Draw Football Plays

Please watch my first two videos on how to draw football plays using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

MS PowerPoint, Google Keep and other drawing tools has allowed me to have a digital football playbook for offense, defense, special teams and drills. These digital drawing tool are perfect for anyone looking for a way to diagram football plays and share them across multiple platforms. Below is the how to draw football plays video using Google Slides.

When I start to create a a youth football playbook in PowerPoint or Google Slides I will first set up a football formation stencil or template so I can duplicate the base diagram to customize the individual plays or formation changes. This makes it easy to draw football play diagrams in a quick manner without reinventing the diagram completely.

Once I get my teams football playbook completed I will turn it into a football playbook pdf. Powerpoint lets you save the file into multiple formats and one is a pdf format. You can also save each page into a picture file. Pretty Cool Stuff.

After I get through this how to draw football play tutorial I will set up a free football playbook template for users to download for free. This will make it easy to start your own pee football playbook project.

I have used some of the cool football playbook app but I keep coming back to MS PowerPoint to develop my very own football playbooks. I find it very easy to draw youth football plays using this football play draw app.

I hope you enjoyed the How to Draw Football Plays post. Check out Part 2 and Part 3.

Please leave me a comment below or contact me anytime. I love talking youth football.

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