Youth Football Coach Killed in DFW – Crazy Sports Parents & Coaches


Yesterday while surfing Twitter as I normally do for new plays and drills, I came across a post about a youth football coach shot and killed in South Dallas. Too close to home for me! I just shook me head and screamed at my desk. What is it going to take to stop this stupid SHIT! Why kill a volunteer youth football coach, who loves to coach young athletes to become responsible young adults? What kind of Devil must you be to kill a Father in front of their children?

The glorification of violence and killing must stop. I am sick of seeing our Country burned down by hatred. When did we decide Love Thy Neighbor was for Christians only. We allowed anti religious crazies turn our moral fabric into tatters when they decided to remove discipline and our historical moral values from schools and life. Plus our poor education system has allowed our students to graduate as some of the dumbest people in the world. Who did not see this coming; lets remove ethics, morals, discipline, history, grades and the love for our Country from the schools and see what happens in our society? It goes to SHIT! Our enemies who funded this crap are probably laughing at us now. Everyone has always said the US would fail from the inside. Welcome to that reality.

Sorry this is me ranting here…..

It is getting to the point that youth sports leagues might need to inact a sub-Zero policy. Maybe all sports parents should be background checked for violence and psychotic issues. If they do not pass then their children cannot play in the league. Also Leagues need to permanently kick out any parent with a history of being difficult. I think leagues want the registrations and do not want to hurt the athlete but this continued increase in violence needs to stop. I know several of the parents I’ve had issues with the last several years have a history of being difficult.

I started coaching youth football back in 1994. Ya, it was a little crazy but it gets worse exponentially every year. A few years ago, I was cold cocked punched by a parent upset about me asking them to exit the stadium while I was on field duty. I should have pressed charges but I did not want his son to see him go to jail. Although the police had him in handcuffs for over an hour. As I think back, I should have pressed charges.

Recently I’ve been threatened by parents, one crazy mom followed me out screaming in my ear as my family walked with me, a aggressive know it all dad confronted me on the field at practice and another crazy mom yelled curse words from the stands during several games at us, the refs and anyone. Because of these instances against me, I have stepped back from being a Head Coach and Coordinator. I want nothing to do with crazy parents after almost 30 seasons coaching youth sports. I’ve given and I am done with them.

I am not alone. Many Referees are not retuning to ref games across the country. There is a Referee shortage. I also know many youth football coaches stepping back from leadership roles.

Rest in Peace Coach Mike Hickmon.

Shooter turns himself in. Prosecute to the Fullest!

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