Wildcat Spread Offense Evolution from the Power Wing Beast Offense

IMG_0848Yes, the Wildcat Spread Offense did evolve from the Power Wing Beast Offense. But how? If you have been reading my blog, books and watching my YouTube videos, you probably know my coaching style is clock control conservative power football.  Shoot, I wrote the Power Wing Beast Offense Youth Football Playbook, which is a multi power formation offense based on the Yale Single Wing, Notre Dame Single Wing,  with some Double Wing and I formation variations thrown in for extra goodwill.  This offense evolved over the last 25 years into the Power Wing Beast Offense, so how and why did I start playing around with the Spread Offense?  Well, I read Dutch Meyers, Spread Offense book; Spread Formation Football.  His Spread Offense developed out of the Double Wing and Single Wing offenses.  I was so used to thinking about the Spread in Air Raid terms that I never saw the Spread Offense as a running threat.  Until I started writing the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense; A Running Spread Offensive Playbook for Youth Football.

In 1994 I started running the Power I Offense which I ran in High School and the Yale Single Wing which I called at the time Loud, Rowdy, Monkey.  I call the Yale SW the Beast now since I saw so many using that term around 2008 or 2010.  These two formations were very successful for me starting out. When my oldest son started playing tackle football in 2006 we started with the Beast and T formations.  In 2007 I read an article in American Football Monthly and came across the Spin Offense by Dale Wiener, picked up Dave Cisar’s Winning Youth Football book on the Single Wing and  read Jack Reed’s books Coaching Youth Football and Single Wing Offense for Youth Football.  I also came across the Double Wing Offense book The Toss by Jerry Vallotton and read some articles by Jack Gregory and bought his blocking video on SAB.  From all of those influences in 2007 we started running a formation I called Speed which was a cross between the Double Wing and Spin Offenses, The Beast and a variation on the Cisar unbalanced Single Wing.  Wow, we had something going with the Arvada Pirates, we were putting 35 points on everyone for the next two seasons.  In the Summer of 2008 I bought a set of Air Raid Videos and I started to expand the offense on paper for the 2009 season, then we moved.  Ouch.

In 2009 we moved back to Texas to be near our ailing parents.  I started coaching with a Select team and mainly focused on the offensive line. My Spread Air Raid ideas were put on hold. In 2010 I coached with two Select teams and developed the 62 Multi 8 Youth Football Defense which I published a few years ago. The Head Coach and Offensive coordinator for the Select team was a Double Wing offense guy and I learned a ton from him about the DW.  In 2010 and 2011, I started coaching with KYA Football in Keller and we ran the Beast Offense with some I formation.  The Beast started tearing it up at KYA Football like it did in Arvada, Colorado.

I started coaching 7on7 in 2012 through 2015 and started learning the passing game and concepts. Since most of the 7on7 formations are Spread formations I started toying around with motioning receivers and backs in the Spread formations like the Double Wing Spin and Single Wing Spinner offenses Jet motions.  Motion actually worked great in 7on7.  Although 7on7 is not my favorite game, I did learn passing concepts in the process and it was helpful as I developed my Spread ideas. Check out my Wolfpack 7on7 playbook.

In 2015 and 2016 tackle football seasons, we made it to the KYA Football Super Bowls and faced the same Spread team.  We were very competitive but they were built to score and we could not answer offensively.  I took notes on these teams, since one was coached by my old DW friend from the Select team in 2010.  He had been asked to come over and coach offense in 2016 and implemented a ton of Gus Malzahn type spread offense power football plays.  They were very successful against defenses trying to stop the pass.  I picked up a few things scouting and put those away for awhile.

In 2017 we faced another stacked Spread team which shredded us in the regular season by 30 points. We could not stop them.  That season my QB got hurt and we implemented the Cake formation which is like a Notre Dame box and we also spread it a tad, so then it looks like a TCU spread formation. It became a Wildcat formation, especially since my tailback started running the offense.  We also started playing around with running stretch sweeps and wide sweeps out of the 2×2 formation, especially since it was so effective for many other teams.  Our QB was still hurt so the Tailback became the running QB or Wildcat back for the next 3 games and the Super Bowl.

In that Spring 2017 KYA Football Super Bowl the Power Wing Beast Offense started to evolve into the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense as that game progressed.  The Cake and Beast formations were eating the clock so we kept their high scoring offense off the field. When we needed a big 4th down play, we ran a Jumbo quads formation to the right and through a Double Curl Quick out to a WB leaking out for 6 points.  Even though Jumbo is in the Power Wing Beast Offense it is a true Wildcat Spread formation.

Then late in the 4th quarter after scoring on a Cake play we ran a 2×2 Spread Stretch Sweep play for 2 points to bring the score to 15 to 6 with about 3 minutes to go.  As much as I love the Beast Tank play, two spread plays had helped us solidify this victory.  That game was my best game I ever coached.

In 2017 after having some success with Spreading out the defenses, I started to read more about the Spread Offense and scouting youth football Spread teams for what worked at the 7 to 12 year old levels.  I started writing the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook. After the Spring 2019 tackle season I finally published the final version 1 of the digital ebook.

The WMSO has over 100 spread offense plays that are proven for youth football.  Half of the plays are pass plays or sweep option pass plays.  The eBook uses the same terminology as the Power Wing Beast Offense so it is great to expand your Beast offense with this book.

The new Spread formation in the book that I am excited about is the Squad formation. Squad is a family of Bunch formations. I took the Cake formation which is like the Notre Dame Box Single Wing and started spreading it out like I did the Yale Single Wing with the Beast Worm and Jumbo variations.  After reading Coach Ellison’s Run and Shoot Football and what he was doing with the Lonesome Polecat, I came up with the Squad Gang formation, shown as Squad below.

This is my new Loud Rowdy Monkey Beast formation.  Squad will cause every youth football defense trouble.

spread offense - squad formations

Stay tuned on here CoachParker.org and on my YouTube channel as I expand the Squad formation plays.  You can also buy the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense Playbook and get some base plays.  Here are is a video play list of Wildcat Multi Spread Offense plays.

In the next few weeks I will start breaking down some of the plays in the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense.

I still run the Power Wing Beast Offense plays and for more advanced and or older teams I add in some plays from the Wildcat Multi Spread Offense.  Both of these playbooks will give any offensive coordinator more than enough ideas and weapons to win a Championship.  Good Luck.

Contact me anytime.

Coach Parker
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