Complete Guide to Kicking DVD from KickingWorld Coach Brent Grablachoff


Complete Guide to Kicking Video by Brent Grablachoff @ kickingworld.comAbout two years ago KickingWorld’s Coach Brent Grablachoff  sent me his kicking book  which I really enjoyed, and now he’s out done himself with his new kicking DVD, the Complete Guide to Kicking.  If your kicker needs to get better at kickoffs or field goals this DVD is for them.  Or maybe you are a kicker and need a private lesson and or some drills to tighten up your technique, then this DVD is for you.

The Complete Guide to Kicking DVD is 2 DVDs.

Disc 1 – Fundamentals and Technique

  1. Field Goals: Fundamentals 101
  2. Field Goals: Advanced Techniques 202
  3. Field Goals: Making Adjustments 303
  4. Kickoffs
  5. Onside Kicks

Disc 2 – Drills, Fitness and Training

  1. Drills
  2. Stretching and Warm Ups
  3. Gym Training
  4. Secrets and Mental Strategy
  5. Getting to the Next Level

I watch a ton of coaching DVDs and Coach Brent’s kicking DVD is one of the best.  Coach Brent presents the information in a way that is very interesting and knowledgeable.  The on field instruction and demonstrations are really good.   The second DVD with the training and mental tips is awesome and a nice addition to the on field training.  You can purchase the the Complete Guide to Kicking here.  

Like I said I really enjoyed this video from Coach Brent.  So if you are a field goal kicker and also kick kick offs this DVD is for you.  The DVD does not cover Punting, just kicking; Kick Offs and Field Goals.  Maybe Coach Brent will send us a great YouTube video on Punting soon as an added bonus.

I hope you enjoy the video.  If you do and would like a Kicking lesson then give Coach Brent at KickingWorld a call.  Let’em know Coach Parker sent you.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW / Dallas Fort Worth, Texas


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