Great Start to 2012 Youth Football Season

Zane Parker KYA Youth Football
Zane Parker

We won our second game yesterday 28-6 against a very good KYA Junior Knights team.  We gave up 6 points on a pretty well executed middle wedge kick return but our Defense shut out their offense.  Our offense was kicking on all cylinders and scored once a quarter.  It all game together in our second game.  We won our first game 21-8 but we were very sloppy, but we did lose our starting Center the night before the game to appendicitis so I should not complain too  much.  As usual the Defense is coming together faster than the Offense which frustrates me every year but offense has more moving parts.

We are going for our 4th straight KYA Youth Football season Super Bowl.  We won Spring 2011 and Fall 2012.  We lost the Spring 2012 Super Bowl by 6 points.  I think this team might also be a Super Bowl team.  We have the talent.  Now we as coaches must put them in the right places for Team success.

Team success is something I learned this season.  In our first game this season I moved a few players to give these individual players a step up on individual success which I thought naively would also lead to Team success.  There is no “I” in team.  When I did the I-Team test the Team suffered because other players on the team did not have as much success as they normally did in games.  When I moved everyone back into the Team positions for the second game, everyone  enjoyed success and we played better as a unit.  I know I am being cryptic with this Team concept because I am still in-season and not wanting to  give too much info to my opponents.  The moral of this story is –>  do right for the team, not just for few player’s stats.

I hope you have a great youth football season.  If you are having a rough season, shoot me an email or comment and maybe I can spark a comeback.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner!
Coach Parker
Keller, Tx, DFW, Fort Worth / Dallas Texas


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