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Hi Everyone,

I am Steve Parker and I have been coaching youth sports for the last 6 years and youth tackle football for the past two consecutive seasons and one season in 1994 where I was a co-recipient of Plano Sports Authority Football Coaching Staff of the Year award.  I am currently on my leagues Coaches Committee, near Denver Colorado. 

I grew up in Texas living and breathing football.  I was born outside of Ft Worth so I am a huge Dallas Cowboys fan.  I started playing organized football in 3rd grade for the YMCA Dad’s club in Spring Branch, just northwest of downtown Houston, Texas.  I played football every year until I graduated High School in 1982.  In HS, my offensive coordinator and linebackers coach was Coach Ron Schroeder, one of the top HS school football coaches in Texas Football History.  I learned a lot from Coach Schroeder about offense, discipline and how to play defense.  I also want to thank Coach Schroeder for moving me from an OG to a FB on offense.  🙂  A few other coaches that I want to also thank are; Coach Lakin, Coach O’Neal and most of all and the reason that I am a coach today, Coach John Lewis, my Pee Wee football coach.  I hope my players remember me, like I remember you.

Since my oldest boy, Berndt or Bear, started playing tackle football two years ago, I have been struggling to find resources on the web for youth football coaches.  I must say it has been tough.  There are about 10 good sites, but you must hunt them down and luck into them from your Google searches.  What I am hoping from this blog and eventual expansion into a complete website is a single resource that youth coaches may visit to find most of thier information. 

Here are a few of my favorite sites:

  1. http://www.americanfootballmonthly.com/
  2. http://www.gregorydoublewing.com/
  3. http://www.coachwyatt.com/
  4. http://www.johntreed.com/fbarticles.html
  5. http://www.jcfb.com/forum/default.aspx?nocookies=yed
  6. http://www.nflhs.com/

If you have any cool football sites that you visit regularly for football, send them along.  Help me build the best youth football zone on the web.


Steve Parker

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  1. Hey Coach,

    Try http://www.mycoachonline.com. Its a pay site but they have great video of a lot of excellent content. I actually reached out to one of the coaches in one of the videos via email and he responded. What a kick it was to discuss zone offense for bantam kids with an offensive line coach at a college 🙂

    Feel free to drop me a line via email – I actually live in Keller, right outside of Fort Worth, your old stomping ground.

  2. Good stuff, Coach.

    You’re right, sifting through all the hits you get when looking for quality football resources on the Net can be an overwhelming task.

    Thanks for doing the legwork for us. You’ve put together an excellent list and provide a great resource with your blog.

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