Youth Football Team’s First Scrimmage Worries

Our first youth football team scrimmage is tomorrow.  It rained at yesterday’s practice and the players were tired from the first days of school, so our progress was a little stunted yesterday.  As usual I was hoping to get more done in practice but my practice plan was better than our execution, or maybe vice versa.  One day I will figure that out.

As I was sitting here responding to the co-head coach’s email about our goals for tomorrow’s scrimmage and our depth chart, I remembered back to our Spring 2011 team, The Oilers.  We went 5-3 and still won our leagues Super Bowl.  We looked terrible in pre-season practices and scrimmages.  We even lost our first game, but only by 2 points.  Even after our rough start we improved each week honing our fundamentals, tweaking our plays, and adjusting players to put them in positions so they and the team could be successful.

Here are my goals / review items for tomorrow…

  1. Work with the new players mostly and give them a ton of reps on film
  2. Evaluate and grade the new players in game situations so how they react
  3. Eval starters at positions and back-ups
  4. Rotate three players at WB, TE and FB where best?
  5. Can our Centers snap and block, how is QB exchange?
  6. Find our ILB and DEs starters in a rotation
  7. Who are out top 2 CBs
  8. See how the DTs shoot the gaps defense, are they chicken fighting
  9. Work hard with the bottom two links in the team chain make them better
  10. Do we look like a team breaking the huddle and are we organized
  11. Have Fun and maybe some Ice Cream too

Remember, your goal is not to go undefeated although that is a great goal.  Your goal should be to get to the playoffs and the big show; Super Bowl.  But most importantly, your goal is to improve each week and certainly make sure your players are having fun, and winning is always funner.  🙂

Good luck this season,
Coach Parker
Keller, TX / DFW / Ft. Worth Texas


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