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I recently received the 2008 Coaches of Offensive Line Clinic DVDs.  There are 8 DVDs in the 2008 set.  The Mushroom Society graciously sent them to me for review and to share with my youth football league in Arvada, Colorado. 

 The cost of the 2008 Offensive Line Clinic DVD set is $80 plus shipping. After watching the 8 DVDs, this price is a bargain, especially since most coaching DVDs are $40 for a 45 minute video.  You get $300 worth of offensive line coaching video for $80.  Sure these videos are done by NFL & college coaches and may be a little over board for youth football coaches, but there is still a ton of great blocking strategy, drills and skills information that we as pee wee football coaches can tone down and use. 

I love the COOL DVDs.  I rate these a 5+ out of 5 and highly recommend them, especially if you are technical football geek like me.  My birthday is in February, and I am asking my wife to order the complete COOL library of DVDs from 1996 to 2008; 13 years of COOL clinics on 83 DVDs for only $330.  Wow, what a deal!

The 2008 Set includes:

DVD 1 –  Rex Ryan / Defensive Coordinator Baltimore Ravens –
Evaluating the Opponent’s Offensive Line Strength’s & Weaknesses
**How to Defeat Drive, Reach, Down & Double Team Blocks
**Top Pass Rush Techniques-When & Why they are Used


DVD 2  – Pat Flaherty / Offensive Line Coach N.Y. Giants
Run to Win- Schemes, Techniques and Drills used in the Giants Top Runs, Strong and Weak.

DVD3  –    Joe Philbin / Offensive Coordinator / Green Bay Packers
The Packer Outside Zone Play Drill & Techniques with Multiple Personnel Front and Motion Changes

DVD 4  –  John Benton / Offensive Line Coach / Houston Texans
Protections Fundamentals & Drills – Cut Your Sacks in Half

DVD 5  –   Doug Marrone / Offensive Line Coach
New Orleans Saints (#1 NFL Team Fewest Sacks Allowed)
Protections Solid and Slide, Techniques and Drills

DVD 6 –  Clinic Dill Collection
“1 Hour 26 Minutes of Drills to help you for Fall Camp”

DVD 7   –  Chalk Talk Session
“How Linemen use Their Hands, Front and Backside Double Teams and Run Game versus Zone Blitzes”

DVD 8  –  Steve Marshall / Offensive Line Coach / Cleveland Browns
The Unbalanced Run Game vs Odd, Even, and Over Defenses, Drills and Techniques

My favorite DVDs out of the set are the presentations by Doug Marrone, Joe Philbin, and Rex Ryan.  The Friday Night Chalk talk was also very interesting and the Drill DVD was great. 

I could write multiple artciles about the presentations, here are a few quick highlights from the 2008 COOL Clinic Video Set:

  1. You can’t coach a player if you don’t know what he is thinking.  Always ask him what did you see?  What should you do now?
  2. Your players give back to you what you emphasize.  If you emphasize power you get power, if you emphasize speed you get speed.
  3. Your body goes where your eyes are looking.  Get your eyes on your target.  Your target is a specific part of the players body not just a player.
  4. Simplicity is the key.  NFL has same offensive line problems as High School.  They level of play is different but problems are same.  KISS
  5. Pass Protection has Triangle Reads different for each player
  6. Use your hands, they are weapons.  Keep elbows in and protect your chest.
  7. You must have personal pride to play offensive line. 
  8. Use the word “Hook-up” not hold.  We do hook-up inside.
  9. Do not stop feet.  Feet must always be moving and low to ground.  Ground provides the power.
  10. Get mental reps from players.  Test them.

There is a ton more.  These are some of my favorite highlights and quotes that are quick and simple.  There is certainly a lot more detailed information and for that you should buy the DVDs.   You can purchase the COOL DVDs here.   The next COOL clinic is in Cincinnati in May 2009.  For more information on the 2009 clinic click here

As I stated, I rate the 2008 COOL Clinic DVD set a 5 out of 5.  

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

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  1. Coach,
    I bought the complete C.O.O.L. Clinic set. It is awesome, and well worth the price. Over 300 hours of video. I highly recommend it!

    Now if I could just get some work done….This work thing keeps getting in the way of my football!

    Coach Reeves

  2. Coach,

    I went to the 2007 and 2008 clinics. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Alex Gibbs get rolling in a live presentation.

    Virtually everything these guys talk about is applicable to the youth game. It’s the stuff at other places that is supposedly geared toward the youth game that is often not applicable to the youth game that will get you beat.

    The NFL guys are all about drill time and footwork and leverage and having a manageable system. Gibbs has basically four running plays, while youth coaches are often trying to cut their playbooks down to their top 50 plays.

    They all usually sit in on everyone else’s stuff, too, which is neat. At a lot of clincs, guys come in, speak, and are gone.

    They are also not afraid to admit they don’t have an answer to something. Someone will ask how they handle something, and they’ll basically say, “That’s been killing us. We have a few ways to work it, but if anyone has come up with something better, we’d love to hear it.”

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