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Here is another video blog post of a multi part Youth Football Coaching Clinic presentation that I developed for KYA Football in Keller, TX. In this post I will be discussing Communication Technology that youth football coaches can use to communicate with parents and their teams.

Technology Tools Discusses in Presentation

  1. eMail – Google Groups / Yahoo Groups
  2. Shutterfly – My current favorite
  3. GroupMe / Band – Text App
  4. Facebook Page / Group / App
  5. Twitter / SMS Text Set up / App
  6. Cell Phone Messaging Texts (Facebook Messenger)
  7. Blog / Website – Word Press / Blogger / Tumblr
  8. TeamSnap
  9. MS PowerPoint for Playbooks

There are so many ways to communicate today with your team.  Make sure you are over communicating.  Parents are very busy and do not always here or understand the first time.

My favorite communication technology tools are Shutterfly, eMail and cell phone texting.  Groupme is also becoming a favorite.

Play for Fun and Winning is Funner.

Coach Parker
Keller, Texas


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